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                                                                         GREEN SHIPPING

Figure 1: Projections of CO2 emissions from international maritime transport (Business as usual scenarios, 3rd IMO GHG study 2014)


CO2 emissions (Mton)2,000                                                                          Scenario 13
                    1,500                                                                          Scenario 14
                    1,000                                                                          Scenario 15
                                                                                                   Scenario 13


                      0     2015  2020   2025  2030  2035  2040                     2045  2050

However, bearing in mind the             a global MRV system under the IMO
expected growth in global trade          this year.
and the long life-span of ships, this
measure alone will not be enough to      FURTHER ACTION AFTER PARIS
ensure that shipping emissions are       The European Commission favours
reduced fast enough to deliver their     further global action through the IMO.
fair share of greenhouse gas emission    This needs to include a process to
reductions, both internationally and in  consider a specific emissions reduction
the EU.                                  objective to ensure that shipping
                                         contributes its fair share of the efforts
The IMO has also discussed market-       required to achieve the objective agreed
based measures and emissions             in Paris. To achieve this, further action
reduction targets – without any          such as market-based measures or
conclusions or decisions to date         further operational efficiency standards
– as well as the introduction of a       will also be required. Discussions in the
global data collection system for        IMO on such measures are expected
fuel consumption, CO2 emissions          to be launched soon.
and energy efficiency. This system
is similar to the EU's system for        The EU counts on the shipping
monitoring, reporting and verification   industry to contribute its share of the
of greenhouse gas emissions from         reductions required to achieve the
ships (EU-MRV), which was adopted        objectives defined in Paris. We hope
in 2015. Discussions under the IMO       the Paris spirit will guide and inspire
made substantial progress in 2014 and    the IMO to agree on global measures
2015 and we expect the adoption of       to reduce emissions from shipping. l
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