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8 Spring 2016 European Energy Innovation

How is European transport contributing
to the fight against climate change?

By Violeta Bulc, EU Commissioner for Transport (pictured)

No matter our background,                 status quo and maintain the planet      The EU has set targets to reduce
                location or income –      for future generations. The EU played   greenhouse gas emissions by 40 per
                mobility and transport    a central role in brokering a historic  cent overall by 2030 (on 1990 levels)
                affects our daily lives.  climate deal at the COP21 in Paris,     and transport – which accounts for 24
 Changes to how the transport network     where 195 countries adopted a new       per cent of CO2 emissions in the EU –
 operates in Europe can often be an       universal, legally binding global       has its part to play.
 emotive issue. However, reform to        climate deal. It is my intention, as
 how the system works currently is        European Commissioner for Transport     To reach our targets, significant
 necessary. We cannot maintain the        to build on this momentum.              changes will have to occur. New

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