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Autumn 2017 European Energy Innovation  53

                                           EUROPEAN ENERGY RESEARCH ALLIANCE

integration challenge resulting from       such as Europe, it could eventually      individuals interact with the power
the systemic implications of integrating   unveil a huge market and develop         technology) and eventually inducing
high penetrations of distributed and       a growing competitive product and        the desired lifestyle and societal
variable power into the power system.      service industry, firmly anchored in the  transformation (i.e. how the community
                                           local economy and not vulnerable to      as a whole interacts with the power
But transformation calls for more than     offshoring.                              system).
technology only.
                                           THE ESSENTIAL ROLE OF SOCIAL             It is therefore crucial to involve actors
It is also about converting technological  SCIENCE & HUMANITIES                     and communities in the innovation
advances into products, services,          In addition to the availability of       cycle in order to create “living
and business models that, under the        affordable low carbon products and       innovation laboratories” able to pilot
appropriate policies, actually deliver     services, accelerating the energy        the new concepts of products, services
value to society.                          transition also requires the active      and business models.
                                           contribution of consumers.
For instance, resulting from its                                                    EERA, ADDRESSING THE GLOBAL
excellence in advanced PV concepts,        It needs endorsement and                 TRANSFORMATIONAL CHALLENGE
the EU is also developing a distinctive    acknowledgement by the citizens, who     IN EUROPE
leadership in designing PV for special     need to become full actors of the newly  The European Energy Research
applications such as integration of        created ecosystem.                       Alliance probably embodies today
PV in the built environment. Such an                                                the most relevant organisation in
application, if competitively developed,   It entails understanding the human       the EU dedicated to addressing the
could actually become a game changer       behavioral change dynamics that will     global challenge of transition to a
and substantially transform the            help define the appropriate boundary      decarbonized energy regime.
energy model of cities. Furthermore,       conditions allowing technology
in a densely populated continent           appropriation by the citizen (i.e. how   By connecting about 250 of the
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