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Autumn 2017 European Energy Innovation     57


understanding of the real biomethane     This project has set a unique baseline         have limited treatment / upgrading
composition in the gas networks and      for real European operational data and         costs to guarantee the economic
in the end-users’ appliances.            will be followed by a second phase             viability of the projects, and thus the
                                         project funded under the H2020                 development of the biomethane
The data sets also give some clues       framework through CEN. This new                sector;
on the ease with which biomethane        project will address the priorities given
producers can meet the current           by CEN Technical Committees working        • Grid operators: need to protect the
requirements of EN 16723-1 or the        on the standardisation programme:              grid infrastructure while including
thresholds that may be suggested at the                                                 renewable gases in the grid;
end of coming phases of the project.     • tests regarding the impact of
                                             siloxanes on heavy duty engines;       • End-users: need to protect their
The extensive review performed                                                          equipment (boilers, engines, etc).
highlighted the gaps of knowledge        • tests regarding the impact of
regarding the impact of biomethane           siloxanes on boilers and other         This next phase, which is to be
trace compounds on gas infrastructure        stationary appliances;                 launched in Autumn 2017, will gather
and on gas users: in particular,                                                    as many stakeholders (biomethane
the study shows that the impact of       • review on the impact of oxygen on        producers, boilers manufacturers,
siloxanes on heavy duty engines              underground gas storages;              engines manufacturers, gas grid or
and on some boilers needs further                                                   storage operators, etc.) as possible in
understanding, as well as the impact     • review on the impact of Sulphur on       its supervisory board in order to obtain
of biomethane on some materials,             vehicles;                              a consensus on values that should
especially in the presence of water                                                 be used as thresholds in the future
(which is the case in underground gas    • Impact on health (which is to be         European standards. This project is
storage).                                    studied through the expert group       just one of the many ways that the
                                             EG4 of CeN TC408).                     European gas industry looks
NEXT STEPS                                                                          to support an increasingly low
Phase 1 of the GERG biomethane           The next phase will consist in             carbon and renewable energy
project has already helped to clearly    performing tests to complete the           based future.
identify the gaps of knowledge           existing knowledge.
regarding:                                                                          ACKNOWLEDGMENTS
                                         This project will help to obtain           GERG and the authors acknowledge
• the impact of biomethane corrosive     threshold values in agreement with         the strong support of all project
    trace compounds;                     the interests of all the stakeholders      member companies, CEN and its
                                         needed to develop a successful             Technical Committees, EBA, Marcogaz
• the impact of siloxanes on gas         biomethane industry in Europe:             and the European Commission in
    appliances, particularly on boilers                                             helping to define and deliver the work
    and vehicles.                        • Biomethane producers: need to            programmes discussed here. l
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