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Autumn 2017 European Energy Innovation  49


Under the New Policy Scenario, these                                                 1800   Biomass            Wind
emissions would fall to 335g                                                         1600   Tide,	Wave	Ocean	  Solar
CO2/kWh by 2040. For the European                                                    1400   Geothermal         Hydro	
Union the situation looks a little better,                                           1200
i.e. 358g CO2/kWh in 2014 and a
forecast of 156g CO2/kWh in 2040,           TWh                                      1000
but this is still not sufficient for the
necessary reduction of CO2 emissions                                                 800
to 65g CO2/kWh in order to meet the
Paris Agreement [4].                                                                 600

In preparation of COP21 the                                                          400
European Council adopted the
following Conclusions on 2030                                                        200
Climate and Energy Policy Framework
during its meeting on 23-24 October                                                  0      2012  2014         2016    2018 2020    2022  2024  2026  2028     2030
2014:                                                                                 2010
• The European Council endorsed a
    binding EU target of at least 40%       Fig. 1: European electricity production until 2030 to meet the 27% RES target
    domestic reduction in greenhouse
    gas emissions by 2030 compared                                                   20
    to 1990.
                                            Annual Photovoltaic Installations [GWp]  18 Rest of EU
• An EU target of at least 27% was set
    for the share of renewable energy                                                             Greece
    consumed in the EU in 2030. This                                                 16 United Kingdom
    target will be binding at EU level.                                                           Czech Republic

• An indicative target at the EU level                                               14           Belgium
    of at least 27% was set for the                                                               France
    improvement of energy efficiency in
    2030 compared to the projections                                                 12           Spain
    of future energy consumption                                                                  Italy
    under a current policy scenario.
The European Council confirmed
that the target will be delivered                                                    10
collectively by the European Union.
To achieve this in a cost-effective                                                  8
manner, the reductions in the
Emission Trading System (ETS) – and                                                  6
non-ETS sectors were set to reach
43% and 30% respectively by 2030                                                     4
compared to 2005 .[10] However, with
the current implemented policies,                                                    2
GHG emissions are not expected
to sufficiently decrease to reach the                                                 0
European Union’s target of at least                                                       2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017e
40% reductions on 1990 by 2030.
Therefore, modified national reduction       Fig. 2: Annual Photovoltaic installation in the European Union [6]
targets and policies are required
to realise the necessary additional         Commission presented the Clean                                             • and providing a fair deal for
reductions.                                 Energy for All Europeans legislative                                           consumers.
                                            proposals to ensure the achievement
On 30 November 2016, the European           of the European Union’s 2030 targets.                                      A variety of policy options are
                                            These proposals cover energy                                               presented in the new proposals to
                                            efficiency, renewable energy, the                                           introduce new market models as a
                                            design of the electricity market,                                          response to the fact that the current
                                            security of electricity supply and                                         market arrangements in place do
                                            governance rules for the Energy Union.                                     not adequately incentivize all market
                                            The package named the following                                            participants to adjust their portfolios
                                            three main goals:                                                          (supply and demand) on short notice.
                                                                                                                       These options will now be discussed
                                            • putting energy efficiency first,                                           in the European Parliament and the
                                                                                                                       Member States.
                                            • achieving global leadership in
                                                renewable energies                                                     The Commission Staff Document
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