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are no bunkering possibilities. The
downside is that this technology
causes methane to escape from the
exhaust. This issue still has to be
solved but it is certainly high on the
platform agenda.

This taskforce is engaged in
dialogue with a group of Dutch non-
governmental organizations (NGO’s)
such as environmental and nature
conservation further organizations.
The support of these organizations is
important for gaining public attention
and support for the introduction of
LNG to the market. Note that the
northern NGO’s were the first to
embrace the introduction of LNG.

The dialogue has already resulted in a
short list of issues relevant to both the
NGO’s and the platform:

•	 What exactly is the environmental       improved when Bio-LNG is introduced        •	 Stimulating the physical
    impact of LNG on emissions within      to the LNG fuel chain.                         production of Bio-LNG: Bio-LNG
    the transport sector, including                                                       is only available on the Dutch
    methane?                               In order to realize the robust production      market in very limited quantities.
                                           of Bio-LNG the following necessary             Strengthening the LNG market
•	 Can we make LNG more sustainable        measures have been defined:                    by increasing domestic Bio-LNG
    as a fuel through the introduction of                                                 production is therefore important.
    bio-LNG?                               •	 Certification route: establishing a
                                               way in which green gas certificates    TASKFORCE 6 – INTERNATIONAL
•	 The external Safety of LNG and the          can be converted into Bio-LNG          The combination of many years of
    related distribution of LNG to the         certificates.                          experience with LNG, together with
    market by road or by water?                                                       close relations with neigbouring
                                           •	 The Renewable Energy Directive          countries, make that the Netherlands
TASKFORCE 5 – BIO-LNG                          (RED): this European directive         proudly fullfils its position in
This Task force (devoted to Enhancing          codifies the way in which the          sharing knowledge, supporting and
LNG Sustainability) focusses on the            conversion of bio-components into      cooperating other countries for a faster
development path for more sustainable          fuel must take place. A transparent    implementation of LNG.
LNG in the future. The emission impacts        interpretation of this directive is
of LNG on air quality parameters (SO2,         essential if the right technological   The Netherlands has developed a
NOx and particulates) are generally            choices are to be supported and a      good knowledge basis and position
accepted. The climate improvement              clear attitude towards the future of   for supporting and cooperating with its
potential of LNG (lower CO2) in                this directive is to be established.   neighboring countries. l
comparison to traditional fuels (HFO,
MGO, MDO and diesel) does not,
however, stand out clearly enough.
In this area LNG performance can be
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