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Small scale LNG, the dutch approach

By Robert Govaers (pictured)

The Dutch National LNG Platform was established in 2012 in                                   launched. The system will grant
conjunction with the ‘Rhine and Wadden Green Deal’. Its primary goal                         cleaner and quieter vehicles the
is to support the development of a new market for LNG and to use                             privilege of having better access
that as a transport fuel for trucks, barges and short sea vessels.                           and better delivery slots for city
‘Green Deals’ are aimed at stimulating sustainable economic growth.
They can be achieved by eradicating bottlenecks (regulations, laws,                      TASKFORCE 3 – SHIPPING
permits), activating cooperation or by helping to source funds, in                       •	 The first activity was to gain
order to realize the necessary plans.
                                                                                             a systematic overview of the
This goal would be achieved through close cooperation with the                               current limitations but also of the
relevant governmental bodies and by eliminating as many regulatory                           opportunities for LNG propelled
and other policy-related obstacles as possible. It could also be                             vessels. This has helped to define
achieved by bringing together market parties to jointly develop new                          the focus for the taskforce.
supply systems and to stimulate as many end-users as possible to
choose LNG for their trucks and vessels.                                                 •	 Financing is the first market concern
                                                                                             for LNG ships. Many banks are
Who are we and what                             the safety procedures and know               hesitating to fund the re-engineering
                     do we do to achieve        where their responsibilities lie.            of ships that consider the use LNG.
                     the implementation                                                      Although the business case is in
                     of small scale LNG in  •	 A safety design communication plan.           principle valid, it is not clear to
the Netherlands. An introduction to             On the basis of previous activities a        everyone that using LNG for ships is
the Dutch LNG platform and the 6 task           communication plan will be set up in         a suitable alternative. So funding is
forces that started up in 2012.                 order to ensure that all information is      now the key to market development.
                                                adequately dealt with and integrated
TASKFORCE 1 - SAFETY AND                        into the existing procedures.            •	 In order to develop the LNG market
REGULATION                                                                                   for ships it is important to have
The taskforce is organized around           TASKFORCE 2 – TRUCKS                             clear objectives with regard to the
topics that are safety related. The         •	 The first activity is focused on the          requirements and the enforcement
following issues are addressed:                                                              of such requirements. Both have
                                                business case. It is important to            to be perfectly clear so that ship
•	 The safety measures linked to the            make sure that the LNG framework             owners can have an accurate idea of
    transport and distribution of LNG.          continues to be workable.                    what the future holds. Unless there
    The constraints linked to LNG                                                            is clarity they will be uncertain about
    distribution by road / rail.            •	 Incentives and subsidies. On the              investing. The advantage of LNG
                                                one hand we must map the current             with regard to Sox is that it offers
•	 The implementation of a knowledge            opportunities for incentives and             opportunities in the Seca area.
    safety program in cooperation with          subsidies and make that publicly
    all the stakeholders involved.              available whilst on the other hand       •	 Probably the most important aspect
                                                the Taskforce will have to endeavor          when developing LNG for ships’
•	 The mapping of safety                        to make LNG fit in with existing             engines has to do with methane slip.
    responsibilities between different          incentives and subsidy schemes.              Ships can often be equipped with
    organizations so that if problems                                                        dual fuel engines. The advantage
    arise all organization are aware of     •	 In 2014, the Green Deal Zero                  is that these kinds of engines can
                                                Emission for City Distribution was           also be used in areas where there

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