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32  Autumn 2016 European Energy Innovation


CPVMatch: A European Project
for Highest Efficiencies in
Concentrating Photovoltaics

The EU-funded project                     each other. Each material/sub solar        CPV technology work together in this
            Concentrating Photovoltaic    cell converts a specific part of the       project to run and progress together the
            modules using advanced        sun´s spectrum and thus manages the        development of highly-efficient multi-
            technologies and cells for    photons properly. However, large area      junction solar cells and the improvement
highest efficiencies (CPVMatch) will      multi-junction cells are too expensive     of the CPV module technique.
bring practical performance of high       if applied in standard PV modules. A
concentrating photovoltaics (HCPV)        viable solution to solve the cost issue    IMPLEMENTATION AND OBJECTIVES
closer to theoretical limits. Leading     is to use tiny solar cells in combination  The collaborative project started in
European experts in their respective      with optical concentrating technology,     May 2015 with a duration of three and
fields of science, technology and         in particular, HCPV, in which the light    a half years and an EC contribution of
industrialization are engaged in the      is concentrated over the solar cells       4.95 M€. The consortium consists of
project to realize novel multi-junction   more than 500 times. The combination       four research institutions (Fraunhofer
solar cell architectures and innovative   of ultra-high efficient cells and optical  ISE, RSE, CEA, Tecnalia), one University
HCPV module concepts.                     concentration lead to low cost on          (UPM), two industry partners (AZUR
                                          system level and eventually to low         Space Solar Power, AIXTRON) and
CONCEPT                                   levelised electricity costs, today well    two SMEs (ASSE, Cycleco) and is
It has been proven that the only          below 8 €cent/kWh and at the end           coordinated by Fraunhofer ISE. The
realistic path to close the gap between   of this project below 5 €cent/kWh.         consortium addresses in their research
theoretical and practical ultra-high      Therefore, to achieve an optimised PV      all topics required to manufacture
efficiency solar cells is the monolithic  system (high efficiency, low cost and      highly efficient CPV modules. This
multi-junction (MJ) approach, i.e. to     low environmental impact), world-wide      includes material issues, manufacturing
stack different materials on top of       well-known partners in the field of        and equipment aspects and production
                                                                                     challenges. University and research
                                                                                     institutes are working in close co-
                                                                                     operation with industry partners
                                                                                     in order to ensure fast industrial
                                                                                     exploitation of all results within the
                                                                                     whole value chain.

                                                                                     The central objective of CPVMatch is to
                                                                                     realise HCPV solar cells and modules
                                                                                     working at a concentration level ≥ 800x
                                                                                     with an efficiency of 48 % and 40 %,
                                                                                     respectively, with a low environmental

Development of record efficiencies of III-V multi-junction solar cells and CPV       In order to develop the targeted
modules (cells: x*AM1.5d; modules: outdoor measurements, since 2014:                 high performing CPV solar cells and
Concentrator Standard Operating Conditions (CSOC) or Concentrator Standard Test      modules, two strategies are adhered
Conditions (CSTC)). The trend lines show expected efficiencies from the Strategic    to (both for the multi-junction solar cell
Research Agenda (SRA) developed by the European Photovoltaics Technology             and module technology). The work
Platform in 2011.                                                                    on cells and module technologies
                                                                                     is accompanied by a profound life-
                                                                                     cycle and environmental assessment
                                                                                     and the development of adapted
                                                                                     characterization methods of new multi-
                                                                                     junction cells and HCPV modules. The

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