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Autumn 2016 European Energy Innovation  31

                                          EUROPEAN ENERGY RESEARCH ALLIANCE

vision is very much in our chords: as     consultation process to develop our
societal challenges are cross-border,     Strategy and Implementation Plan for
we support research activities oriented   2015-2020, outlining EERA’s role to
to solve them and which have an           support European energy research in
impact. Results can be assessed in a      coordination with key stakeholders.
number of ways and based on different     We also recently launched a Task Force
time perspectives, included, but not      to develop a proposal for a mobility
limited to, solutions that can be taken   scheme in the energy field, involving
up by the market in the medium and        the European University Association in
short timeframe. Dialogue with industry   the exercise. With regards to research
is essential to achieving this. However,  alignment, a number of EERA JPs will
this is not the only impact of research,  be involved in the European Common
and EERA’s work is dedicated also         Research and Innovation Agendas
to supporting research collaboration      (ECRIA) projects within Horizon2020,
that can come up with innovative          a new instrument proposed by the
approaches and new ways of thinking.      Commission to co-fund activities
This often produces results in the        with Member States and acting
longer rather than the shorter run and    organizations. This is a step further
provides society and industry with        to aligning national and EU priorities
new options for the not-so-near future.   in energy research and to support
This is crucial particularly in a field   activities in this direction.
like energy, characterized by a long
innovation cycle and which requires       Achieving Europe’s energy research
big investments in terms of time and      and innovation goals is not a one-man
resources before research results can     job. I believe EERA should continue
turn into commercial solutions. Keep      on the path of cooperation with
on supporting a long-term research        industry and the other stakeholders,
agenda is therefore essential to EERA’s   while strengthening its identity of key
vision and to our work to contributing    research player to contributing to the
to Europe’s energy goals and its          EU energy strategy and objectives, in
competitiveness on a global scale.        the short and long-term alike. l

We are committed to these goals           Contact details:
and we will keep on working to            For more information about EERA
increase our efficiency and to improve
internal and external cooperation         please visit
to support synergies and alignment
of objectives and resources. In this
context, we led a wide internal
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