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Grants can be envisaged for Dimitrios Theologitis
projects such as those improving
rail hinterland connections to the Head of Unit “Ports and Inland Navigation”
core network, increasing waste European Mobility Network Directorate
reception facilities and alternative Directorate General for Mobility and Transport
fuel facilities in ports such as
LNG or cold ironing for which European Commission, DM28 6/5
an important funding gap exists. B-1049 Brussels
Interested parties will be able to Belgium
apply until the end of February
2015. Tel. +32 2 2995582

As public funding is important for
port development, transparency
rules have to be better
implemented in the sector. By
reinforcing legal certainty, the Born in Athens, Greece, 1955. Civil Engineer (National Technical
adoption of the proposed port University of Athens) specialised in transport – and languages.
regulation on market access and
port services will be a first step In the European Commission since 1984. Various Head of Unit posts
towards improved investment in including Road Safety, Maritime Security, Maritime Transport and,
ports. The Commission supports since 2008 Ports and Inland Navigation.
the efforts of the Italian Presidency
of the Council to progress on Main domains are the development and implementation of a
that proposal. At the time when new European ports policy to promote growth and the further
this article is being written, the development of the policy framework to support and optimise the
objective is to reach a general functioning of inland waterway transport.
approach at the next Transport
Council of Ministers on 8 October.

The potential for greening a
sector that is so economically
important for Europe is there. In
his Political Guidelines for the
new European Commission which
he presented to the European
Parliament on July 15th, Mr
Jean-Claude Junker, the elected
president of the European
Commission, put the stimulation
of investment for growth and
job creation amongst his top
priorities and also outlined his
plan to boost investment for
transport infrastructure. Ports
can be fully part of it if there is
a clear engagement of the port
community and the transport
industry at large to speed up the
implementation of the port policy
described above. l
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