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government’s Energy Information at such interesting price that it routes between the Far East and
Administration predicts that by will overcome the handicaps of Europe. At this moment, Singapore
2035, 46% of the United States’ extra training for the crew and the and China are studying very
natural gas supply will come from higher investment cost combined carefully the file in order to satisfy
shale gas with the lack of space for cargo. the needs of their customers. They
will announce similar investments
LNG is already many years used The potential development of in the years to come.
as a fuel on LNG carriers, where LNG as an environmental fuel
the boil off gasses are burned for shipping is supported by Alternatively ships can use
in the engine. The problem with a growing number of safety methanol as an alternative for
LNG in shipping is on the one codes worked out on port level. LNG. Methanol has more or less
hand the need of high qualified These developments should be the same molecular structure,
crew members familiar with the backed by an International Code but doesn’t need to be stored
threats and dangers of LNG and for the bunkering of LNG. IMO at -160°C. That means that all
on the other hand the lack of has already published interim equipment for the storage and
a bunkering infrastructure on guidelines in this field but a real bunkering will be cheaper. On the
the main shipping routes. Due code is not yet adopted. other hand methanol is also toxic
to the high investment cost in a and needs to be handled with the
LNG-terminal (storage tanks and That ports believe in the LNG necessary precautions.
jetties) together with a significant development is shown by
investment in LNG bunkering the planned or realised LNG Both LNG and methanol, can
vessels the success of LNG is investments. In the Port of meet without any problem
limited. For that reason the EU Rotterdam, the busiest bunkering the more strict parameters for
has worked out a programme port in Europe with ca 15million sulphur nitrogen and particular
to subsidize LNG projects to tons, a new LNG terminal was matter which have to be met by
overcome the actual bottlenecks. erected a few years ago and international conventions. In the
special jetties for small scale case of LNG the emission of CO2
On top the shipowner is facing LNG bunker vessels are planned. is ca 20% lower than for HFO,
a relative high investment cost Also in the Port of Antwerp a which can be an advantage in the
in retrofitting ships with a LNG LNG bunker terminal will be near future when reduced CO2
engine (be it a dual fuel engine or constructed in the coming years targets have to be met.
a pure gas engine) and isolated and a LNG bunker vessel is under
storage tanks. LNG will need ca construction. In Northern Europe, From a waste contractor’s point of
2 times the space of HFO for a large scale LNG terminal is view, alternative fuels such as LNG
an equivalent caloric value and under construction in the port of and methanol don’t create oily
due to the fact that LNG has to Goteborg. In Central Europe the sludge. That means that oily waste
be stored at minus 160°C, the port of Zeebrugge has plans to volumes, based on sludge, could
isolation and safety structure will increase the LNG capacity of its reduce significantly in the coming
increase further the volume. terminal together with a second decade(s). This could complicate
LNG jetty suitable for small scale decisions that have to be taken in
But with the exploitation of bunkering vessels. In France a case additional capacity for waste
shale gas, the gas price is under large scale LNG terminal exists oil treatment is needed. On the
pressure. It may be expected already in the port of Nantes other hand, if ships will equipped
that the USA will export LNG and a new LNG terminal is under with scrubbers instead of using
to Europe at very competitive construction in the port of Dunkirk. alternative fuels such as, LNG and
prices. The low LNG price, on methanol, the sludge production
the long term, can be an extra Under pressure of these will remain more or less the same.
argument to change to LNG. The developments other ports in
challenge in this file will be the Europe and Asia have to follow this As the author doesn’t possess a
set up a bunkering infrastructure development in order to supply crystal ball we can only conclude
that allows shipping to buy LNG ships with LNG on the main sea “with time comes counsel”. l
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