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Autumn 2014 European Energy Innovation


Gas – the key to success for the
energy transition!

The gas innovation performance gas infrastructure. the storage and transport of large
campaign of DVGW (The quantities of energy resulting
German Technical and Up to the year 2050, the share from surplus power generation
Scientific Association for of renewables in German power from renewable sources. If surplus
Gas and Water) supplies is to be gradually power from wind or solar power
increased to 80 percent. To meet systems is used for electrolysis to
With the energy transition, the ambitious climate protection produce hydrogen and oxygen,
Germany has opted for a and CO2 emissions targets of the hydrogen can be fed directly
fundamental transformation of Germany and Europe, much still to the gas system or converted
its energy system. Production, remains to be done. On the one into methane in a second process
transport and demand structures hand, power grids will need to step.
face a comprehensive upheaval be modernized and expanded.
which will have an impact on all On the other hand, additional The conversion of power into a
sectors of energy consumption. In storage capacities and system fuel (power-to-gas) can relieve
the transformation of the energy services will be required in order the burden on power grids
system, gas is the key resource to compensate for fluctuations in and reduce the need for the
for integrating renewable sources wind and solar power. construction of additional power
of energy – it is safe, flexible, transmission systems. Energy
highly efficient and especially Of all the fossil fuels, natural gas is carried by the gas networks
climate-friendly. Furthermore, has the best climate balance. In and can therefore be made
Germany already has safe, high- addition, there is still considerable available to 40 million people
untapped efficiency potential in and a variety of stationary and
Prof. Dr. Gerald Linke the optimized utilization of natural mobile applications in Germany.
Managing Director of DVGW gas. Combined-cycle power Power-to-gas covers the entire
The German Technical and Scientific stations with gas and steam range of efficient gas utilization
Association for Gas and Water turbines are already the ideal technologies – from the classical
supplement to volatile, renewable space heating market through
energy sources thanks to their power generation including
high efficiency and flexibility. Gas- cogeneration to climate-friendly
fired power stations allow rapid mobility and the use of gas as
changes in output, generating a feedstock in the chemical
power in an extremely flexible industry. Further opportunities
way and achieving constantly high can be accessed via the
energy efficiency. liquefaction of natural gas (LNG
= liquefied natural gas). LNG can
The new technical challenges also be used for powering heavy
posed by the energy trucks and ships.
transition will create additional
opportunities for the use of gas Within the framework of the
infrastructure – for example for energy policy system defined
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