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by climate protection, security Brief and concise information on the main results of this work you will find in the
of supplies and economics, gas brochure “Mastering future challenges with gas innovations!” on the website:
can play a key role in reshaping
energy supplies in Germany.
This development will not be
possible without technological
innovations within the gas system.
Apart from technical safety,
the main emphasis will be on
optimizing the energy efficiency
of individual components and
on the entire gas processing and
utilization chain. The extended
role that natural gas can assume
within the energy system will
call for technical and scientific
preparations at an early stage.
DVGW has worked intensively
in this area since 2009 within
the framework of its innovation
campaign. Together with
companies from the German
gas industry, research institutes
and manufacturers, DVGW is
investigating gas technologies
to make future energy systems
safer, more efficient and more
environmentally compatible.
The campaign includes about
30 different projects, which were
grouped together by topic into
thematic research clusters:

• Gas in an integrated energy

• Smart grids
• Power-to-gas
• Gas production and upgrading
• Cogeneration and utilization

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