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32  Winter 2016 European Energy Innovation


system was installed after 31 December     Biography:                                (EUPVSEC) and served as European
2012 and more than 6 months have                                                     Co-Chair of the 6th World Conference
passed before the battery storage          Dr. Arnulf Jäger–Waldau is a Scientific   on Photovoltaic Power Conversion
is added. However, the maximum             Officer and Senior Scientist at the       in Kyoto, November 2014 as well as
eligible amount is reduced by 3% each      Renewables and Energy Efficiency          Conference Chairperson of the E-MRS
6 months starting 1 July 2016. The         Unit, Institute for Energy and Transport  Spring Meeting in 2009 and 2013.
available funds for 2016 were already      of the European Commission’s Joint
allocated at the beginning of October      Research Centre since 2001. He works      Dr. Jäger-Waldau was a Lead Author
2016 and new applications are now          on the assessment of renewable            for Solar Energy of the Special Report
only accepted from 1 January 2017 on.      energy technologies, the effectiveness    of the IPCC on Renewable Energy and
The programme will be terminated at        of their implementation, their            Climate Change Mitigation. He served
the end of 2018.                           integration into energy infrastructures   as a reviewer of the Global Energy
                                           and the role of renewable energy for      Assessment Report (GEA) published
Another concept is “virtual storage”       climate change mitigation.                in 2012 and as a reviewer of the 5th
for electricity generated by PV systems                                              Assessment Report (AR5) of IPCC
either for a monthly fee or a down         Since 1987 he works in the field of       published 2014.
payment for a number of years. To          material research for solar cells and
take advantage of this offer, the PV       holds patents on semiconductor            He serves as a member of the
system owner has to be a customer of       material deposition for thin film solar   Academic Advisory Board of the
the respective service provider. The       cells and solar module design.            Chinese Trina State Key Laboratory for
advantage of the virtual storage is that                                             Photovoltaics, Academic Committee
the customer has no installation and       He has more than 200 publications         Vice Chairman member of the Asian
maintenance costs for the storage          in peer reviewed journals and             Photovoltaic Industry Association
system and virtually infinite lifetime.    conference proceedings ranging            (APVIA), member of the International
                                           from materials research for PV and        Advisory Board of the Warsaw
In addition there are a number             solar cell development to market          University Photovoltaic Centre and
of companies, which offer the              studies and policy evaluations for        member of the Scientific Advisory
management of swarm or cluster             Renewable Energies. He is the author      Board of the Solar Research Centre
storage facilities in cooperation with     of the European Commission’s annual       of the Bulgarian Academy of Science.
DNO’s. However, detailed business          “Photovoltaic Status Report”, which is    From 2005 to 2013 he was a member
information are very limited at the        published annually since 2002.            of the Executive Committee of the
moment.                                                                              European Materials Research society
                                           From 2011 to 2014 he was the              (E-MRS).
According to various consultancy           Technical Chairman of the European
reports, the electricity battery storage   Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference
market is expected to grow 10-fold
over the next five years and exceed        1.	 PVinsights, September 2016,
EUR 6 billion by 2022. This market            Solar Choice, PV Price Index,
development, together with a further
retail price increase and a PV system      2.	 A. Jäger Waldau, PV Status Report 2016
price reduction, could lower the LCOE
of a PV system, including storage,         3.	 T. Huld, A. Jäger Waldau, H. Ossenbrink, S. Szabo, E. Dunlop, N. Taylor, Cost Maps for Unsubsidised
below average European electricity            Photovoltaic Electricity, JRC 91937
retail prices and make PV electricity the
lowest cost option for more than half      4.	 Self-Consumption of Electricty by Households, Effects of PV System Size and Battery Storage, Thomas
of the Europeans within the next five         Huld, Holger Ruf, Gerd Heilscher, Proceedings of the 29th EUPVSC, Amsterdam 2014
years. l
                                           5.	 Janina Moshövel, Kai-Philipp Kairies, Dirk Magnor, Matthias Leuthold ,Mark Bost, Swantje Gährs Eva
  Contact details:                            Szczechowicz, Moritz Cramer, Dirk Uwe Sauer,,Analysis of the maximal possible grid relief from PV-
                                              peakpower impacts by using storage systems for increased self-consumption, Applied Energy, Volume           137, 1 January 2015, Pages 567–575

                                           6.	 EUROSTAT, Electricity price statistics, May 2016;

                                           7.	 Bloomberg New Energy Finance, 01 December 2015, H2 2015 Electric Vehicle Battery Price Survey

                                           8.	 Franz Baumgartner, presentation at University Erlangen i-MEE, Germany, 11 May 2012,
                                              Franz Baumgartner, presentation EUPVSEC 32, Munich, Germany, 22 June 2016,

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