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Winter 2015 European Energy Innovation 23


Herbert Reul, MEP

manufacturers. Funds that could
be used to develop new ideas
and services in the context of
smart mobility are currently used
to bring down the emissions of
of the transport sector will solve
many problems, including
reducing emissions from road
transport. Therefore, it is crucial
to develop solutions for smart
mobility and to encourage
research and development in this
also important to create a system,
where transport offers of different
providers and manufacturers
can be used interchangeably
and are interoperable. A certain
degree of standards must be
set, that at the same time allows
for innovations. In the transport
sector, Europe could play a
leading role in developing good
innovative business models and
best practices. Strict and painful
regulation is harder to export than
spur the local economy.

Europe should tread very carefully
when regulating in the digital
sphere and that means doing
more with less. Overregulating
will hamper innovation.
of smart mobility, in turn has a
huge potential for solving existing
problems. This holds true not only
for the transport sector, but many
others as well. O
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