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Winter 2014 European Energy Innovation


Schwenk Mortar Company

Research and development of energy efficiency systems for the building material production – assisted by
the European Union

PREAMBLE of the building (new buildings, building industry.
Thermal insulations are old buildings, structure of the
indisputably necessary for saving buildings, historical buildings, The initial problem was to find
energy in the construction geographical place etc.) out how to produce and modify
industry. a classic lightweight material such
STATUS QUO as perlite in order to eliminate
The type of thermal insulation The most well-known and least its technical inadequacies by
system being used is determined expensive material on the keeping the production costs
by the existing materials and insulation market is the expanded within an affordable range for the
economical aspects. polystyrene in boards and grains customer, compared to expensive
form which has advantages as high tech materials.
In addition, the type of thermal well as drawbacks.
insulation used must be adjusted The technological solution was
according to the characteristics Mineral based materials for achieved through the European
building insulation have been in project “Ex-Perl”, by changing the
Lost by abrasivity existence for thousands of years. expansion through a controlled
The properties of those materials heat flow process used in glass
80 %Conventional (higher thermal conductivity, technology.
70 Perlite friability, water absorption, price
60 %ExPerl etc.) give them a wrong image Schwenk’s part in this project
50 compared to the polystyrene. was the investigation of new
40 perlite for building materials and
30 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT its implementation for regular
20 Schwenk, as a mineral mortar production.
10 producer, took the opportunity to
research and develop, together The reduction of abrasion in the
0 with other European companies new perlite, which was analyzed
15 min 30 min 15 min 30 min and institutes, new mineral through a test developed
0,2mm 0,2mm 0,5mm 0,5mm based insulating materials for the by Schwenk in several pilot

Abrasion of the new perlite (Ex-Perl) compared New process perlite
to the classic perlite

Classic perlite
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