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Winter 2014 European Energy Innovation


First “ECO-EPDs” awarded

A milestone has been reached regarding mutual cross-border recognition of EPDs in Europe.

The ECO Platform, quality management and the should be available at the end of
umbrella organisation verification process. The new logo this year.
comprising various visualises these commitments.
(national) EPD EPDs issued with the ECO In the course of announcing the
programme operators in Platform EPD trademark and introduction of the new EPD logo
Europe, has come closer to logo guarantee the best possible The first “ECO-EPDs“ were already
mutual cross-border recognition standardised comparability of awarded to declaration owners
of Environmental Product construction products in Europe. of the various programmes –
Declarations (EPDs) in Europe. The previously agreed specific among them several members of
The ECO Platform promotes the minimum requirements including Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V.:
creation of a European Core EPD quality management and the German Aluminium Association
system according to the European verification process, which (GDA), European Association
standard EN 15804. During its participating EPD programme for Panels and Profiles, Knauf
first official annual conference operators of the ECO platform are Insulation, Uzin Utz, Vector Foiltec,
on 16 October 2014 in Brussels, committed to, describe the basic Rheinzink, Deutsche Rockwool,
the launch of a new EPD logo requirements for a future, mutual as well as EPPA – the European
was announced. The various cross- border recognition of EPDs PVC Window Profile and Related
programme operators commit in Europe. Currently, the ECO Building Products Association and
themselves to specific minimum Platform participants are working German Quality Association of
requirements with regard to on possible approaches, which Plastic Products (QKE).

Awarding of
the first ECO-
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