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Winter 2014 European Energy Innovation 23


The way from the laboratory and the pilot scale to the building site

experiments, shows that we are by high insulation values other companies and institutes.
on the right track to achieve without using expanded To achieve this goal we have
good results for the production polystyrene as light component. started to co-operate with the
of a constantly high quality light We have therefore developed company Lisbonis Chaux Grasses
mortar. A new beginning for an affordable, new mineral from France to search for new
mineral based products was set. based construction material by ecological possibilities for a new
excluding the organic oil based generation of mortar. l
By using this new light weight component polystyrene.
mineral and an adjusting the Contact details
formulation with modern air HOW COULD IT CONTINUE?
activators, we were able to The Schwenk Company is SCHWENK Putztechnik GmbH & Co. KG
increase the efficiency of special interested in the development Mr Johann Balau
mortars. As a result we developed, of new technologies to save Laudenbacher Weg 8
in a second EU project, a mineral energy and to protect the D-97753 Karlstadt
based mortar with a porosity of environment. To achieve this goal Tel: +49 9353 9855 143
45% and a λ value of 0,055 W/mK. we try to use more and more Mobile: +49 171 302 5198
regenerating natural resources Email:
Those mortars are characterized through collaboration with Web:
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