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60  Summer 2017 European Energy Innovation


Aviation Strategy for Europe:

Europe can’t afford to miss on

this opportunity

By Pavel Telička (pictured), Vice-President of the European Parliament

    Sustainability is the most                                          The challenge ahead is as huge as the
                pressing challenge ahead                                resulting opportunities and whether
                for the aviation sector. So far,                        the EU will live up to its expectations
                the EU has been successful in                           should be no question.
    setting up the world agenda to reduce
    GHG emissions, firstly with the Paris                               Historically, aviation is one of the
    agreement, and consecutively last                                   most Europeanised policy in the
    autumn in ICAO with the agreement                                   transport sector and its gradual
    on a Global Market Based Mechanism.                                 liberalisation one of the most successful

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