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Summer 2017 European Energy Innovation  59

                                                                    CLEAN SKY

in 2007 out of such challenges which
lie at the heart of its raison d’être: the
environment, competiveness and
mobility – as we strive to develop
more innovative and greener aircraft
today to better equip the European
aviation industry of tomorrow. With
the adoption of the historic Paris
Agreement on climate change and the
release of the European Commission’s
new Aviation Strategy it is clear –
aviation and the whole transport
sector need to do everything possible
to accelerate the development and
introduction of environmentally friendly
products and services. It underlines
that the objectives and goals set out for
Clean Sky have been significant steps
in the right direction and are more
important today than ever before.

As we survey the horizon, our joint
stand with the European Commission
at the upcoming Paris Le Bourget Air
Show in June 2017 will highlight the
large investment that the European
Union is making in sustainable aviation
through many related programmes
such as Clean Sky but also SESAR,
Marie Curie or the SME instrument.
Many companies, research centres,
universities across European regions
are already part of this big effort to
improve the energy efficiency and
environmental performance of aviation
and to keep Europe at the forefront of
innovation. Our objective at Le Bourget
is to reach out to even more potential
participants and reward the talent
from every corner of the European
Union. Working together we will be
able to maintain European leadership
and to solve the societal challenges
for the benefit of all. The European
Commission and the Clean Sky 2 Joint
Undertaking are ready to join you in this
journey for a stronger Europe. Come
and visit us at Le Bourget 2017! l

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