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58  Summer 2017 European Energy Innovation


Clean Sky – a European

partnership for new energy-

efficient aircraft technologies

By Tiit Jürimäe (pictured), Interim Executive Director at Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking

In 2017 Clean Sky’s first programme        centres to work around a common           Above all, Clean Sky is a true European
      will draw to a close. As we look     European programme. As an example,        collaboration. It’s about working together
      back and recap on the remarkable     seven key Demonstrators that have         at the European level to develop the
      years since the start of the         been achieved within the Clean Sky        green technologies that both public and
 programme in 2008, we can only            programme offer a tangible glimpse        private sectors believe could improve
 confirm what an extraordinary journey     into the future of innovative technology  our environment and help us stay
 this has been. This major European        in the aviation sector: the Tech 800      competitive, and thus ensure we meet
 aeronautics research initiative has       demonstration engine, Advance Low         European societal demands for a better
 reviewed thousands of components          Pressure system engine demonstrator,      quality of life and future prospects.
 used in current aircraft and helicopters  the regional turboprop flight test,
 to identify the areas that can be         Bluecopter, Multi Criteria Departure      This year we are celebrating the 60th
 significantly improved in order to        Procedure, COPPER Bird and the            anniversary of the European project.
 reduce CO2 emissions and noise            Open Rotor. From optimising missions      In March, the European Commission
 by 2020.                                  and trajectories, more lightweight        issued a White Paper on the Future of
                                           structures, improved aerodynamics         Europe to launch a debate on future
 Since 2008, some 20 large                 and propulsive efficiency, Clean Sky      directions, as we remember that Europe
 Demonstrators have been completed         is delivering ground-breaking results     has always been at its best when it is
 by 600 participants in 24 European        by translating innovative ideas into      united, bold and confident that we can
 countries, bringing together thousands    cutting-edge technological solutions      shape our future in partnership. The
 of experts from leading companies,        for the greener and quieter aircraft of   great partnerships that Clean Sky has
 universities, SMEs and research           the future.                               developed are even more important in
                                                                                     these turbulent times of protectionism
                                                                                     and nationalism, let alone globalisation.
                                                                                     Collaborating at the European level
                                                                                     has helped the European aeronautics
                                                                                     supply chain stay in good shape,
                                                                                     by spreading into new regions and
                                                                                     countries and playing a role in building
                                                                                     a Europe with more growth and jobs.

                                                                                     The results of our collaborative
                                                                                     research at Clean Sky are well-placed
                                                                                     in the bigger picture of the EU’s vision
                                                                                     on sustainable transport in Europe,
                                                                                     through environment, mobility, and
                                                                                     competitiveness pillars. It is evident
                                                                                     that the aeronautical industry is
                                                                                     a continuously growing sector of
                                                                                     excellence in Europe. However, in
                                                                                     order to tackle aviation’s impact on the
                                                                                     planet and to cement the industry’s
                                                                                     growth for the future, we cannot rest on
                                                                                     our laurels. Clean Sky was established

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