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Summer 2017 European Energy Innovation        65

                                                 HEATING AND COOLING

even past their expected useful life. Yet,  exist and manufacturers know how to           5. If a heating system fails, a fast
we do need to increase the speed of         make and deploy low-to-zero emission              replacement is required, but in such
change and we need it to happen fast        “2050-ready” heating solutions, air               “distressed purchase” situations
if we are to get to zero emissions by       conditioning systems and cooling                  the suggested replacement is
2050, only 33 years away.                   equipment. In the construction sector,            rarely the best long-term solution.
                                            the know-how to build, refurbish or               Standardized green renovation
The energy transformation implies           renovate a building to near zero energy           packages including financing and (if
an overhaul of the entire value chain,      standards exists. And industry                    needed) an upgrade of the building
from research and development to            is experimenting with circular                    envelope must become the modus
manufacturing to installation and           economy concepts that include                     operandi for business.
maintenance. Today’s heating industry       reusing energy.
is still dominated by fossil fuels with                                                   Addressing these points will help
market shares of green heating              If technologies exist, what is the            unleash the power of individual,
solutions not even close to the level       problem? Five key factors are inhibiting      corporate, and municipal investments
needed for reaching zero emissions.         green solutions from being the most           in favour of a more fully decarbonised
                                            cost efficient and most easily deployed:      heating and cooling system. This can
But there is a bright side to it:                                                         be re-enforced further. Policy-makers
technologies for a decarbonised sector      1. Subsidies for fossil fuels prevail         must give a strong signal to end-users
                                                across the EU, keeping operation          and industries on the need for change
                                                costs artificially low. With the          and the incompatibility of fossil-based
                                                investment costs of greener               solutions with the 2050 goals to reach a
                                                solutions still higher, the additional    zero emissions economy for Europe.
                                                costs are rarely recovered over the
                                                useful life of the installation.          The #DecarbHeat forum (Brussels,
                                                                                          11-12 May) addressed these issues and
                                            2. There is no price signal influencing       layed the groundwork by launching
                                                the negative environmental impact         the #DecarbHeat initiative. The goal is
                                                from burning fossil energy in the         to encourage a swifter shift to cleaner
                                                heating sector. Electricity is covered    energy solutions for the ultimate
                                                by the European Trading Scheme            benefit of Europe’s citizens. Thanks to
                                                (ETS), but combustion-based               the DecarbHeat initiative, the thermal
                                                heating is not covered.                   industry has made formal commitments
                                                                                          to achieve a 100% carbon emission-free
                                            3. While you can find financing               European heating and cooling sector
                                                solutions for buying a new car, the       by 2050. 25 representatives of the
                                                banking sector does not facilitate        major players of the European thermal
                                                investing in new heating solutions,       industry signed the Decarb Heat
                                                distribution infrastructure and           industry Pledge committing thus to
                                                building systems that would lower         align their business development plans
                                                energy consumption.                       with the mentioned vision. The initiative
                                                                                          was also supported by nearly50 other
                                            4. Current heating solutions benefit          organisations and individuals including
                                                from decades of optimization and          Brussels Minister Céline Fremault and
                                                standardisation. For the installer, this  H.R.H Prince Laurent of Belgium.
                                                is business as usual: the basic like-
                                                for-like replacement, fault-forgiving     The message is clear: full
                                                and recognized as working by the          decarnonisation of Europe is possible
                                                client. This ease of installation has     and starts with heating & Cooling. l
                                                yet to be achieved for “2050 ready”
                                                replacement solutions to come to            For more information please visit
                                                market faster.                    
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