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12  Summer 2017 European Energy Innovation


Buildings As Material Banks:
Where are we now?

The EU funded BAMB project,                taken place with stakeholders via          to begin generating 300 passports
            Buildings As Material Banks,   the BAMB Stakeholder Network and           within the project have also been taken,
            brings 15 partners from 7      Special Interest Groups, now counting      testing and refining the platform and
            European countries together    approximately 275 members. In              framework in the process.
for one mission – enabling a systemic      additional to topic specific workshops,
shift in the building sector by creating   the Annual Meeting of the BAMB             TOOLS FOR REVERSIBLE BUILDING
circular solutions (see first presentation  Stakeholder Network was held on the        DESIGN
of the project in EEI of Summer 2016).     24th of January in Brussels. Interactions  Additional technical developments
                                           and input from stakeholders has            have occurred in the area of reversible
The project is developing and              contributed to shape the development       building design. Significant steps have
integrating tools that will enable the     of tools within the project.               been taken in the development of the
shift: Materials Passports and Reversible                                             Re-use Potential Tool, which will enable
Building Design – supported by new         MATERIALS PASSPORTS                        the assessment of building structures’
business models, policy propositions       Important steps have been taken            reuse potential - at the system and
and management and decision-making         towards achieving the use of Materials     component level - in order to preserve
models. During the course of the           Passports. Following the completion of     buildings’ and their components’ and
project these new approaches will be       a user requirements analysis, a Software   materials’ residual value, fostering high
demonstrated and refined with input         Platform has been developed to             quality reuse. The tool is to be used
from 6 pilots.                             support the generation of, and access      by a variety of actors interested in the
                                           to Materials Passports. The vision for     construction of buildings as materials
The BAMB project started in September      Materials Passports has also been          banks - system and product developers,
2015 as an innovation action within        described as part of the Framework         architect and engineering offices,
the EU funded Horizon 2020 program.        for Materials Passports, which serves      demolition contractors, building owners
A great deal of progress has already       as a tool to explain passports and give    and investors. In addition to providing
been made and rich exchanges have          them additional context. Initial steps     a score for reuse potential varying
                                                                                      from high level reuse (100% reuse) to
                                                                                      low level reuse (10%), the tool will also
                                                                                      address information about disassembly
                                                                                      characteristics of building structures.

Picture of the New Office Architecture pilot in Essen, Germany                         PUTTING TOOLS TO THE TEST IN
                                                                                      BAMB PILOT PROJECTS
© kadawittfeld architektur                                                            New tools developed as part of the
                                                                                      BAMB project are being put to the test
                                                                                      over the course of the project by way
                                                                                      of testing in 6 real-scale construction
                                                                                      and renovation pilots. All pilots have
                                                                                      begun to perform a feasibility study
                                                                                      in which the objectives of the actions
                                                                                      regarding Material Passports and
                                                                                      reversible building design are being
                                                                                      studied on a theoretical level.

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