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Left: Aditional electricity generation in the Energy for All Case, 2030. Right: Electricity Access (% of
population) Source: IEA, World Energy Outlook 2013

range of factors influencing rural facilities and improved standard thanks to energy efficient
communities, from improved of living” says Tanja Winther from lighting such as LED (Light
health to better educational Solar Transitions of University of Emitting Diodes) combined with
Oslo. renewable energy sources. This is
Solar Panels in rural areas of Bangladesh a clear example of how photonic
Source: MicroEnergy International Lighting up households and technologies are driving energy
hospitals has become possible efficiency, in the form of solar
lanterns, solar batteries and other

There exist a vast number of
applications that PV technologies
can serve, solar-power pumping
systems to supply clean water for
drinking and irrigation purposes;
“we develop small decentralized
water treatment plants with
autonomous energy supply for
disinfecting and desalinating
the water” states the Fraunhofer
Institute for Solar Energy Systems
in Germany.

Solar water heaters, solar-based
cooking facilities and cold storage
for food and vaccination are more
examples of beneficial utilizations.
Solar-thermal energy represents
other alternative capable of
generating high temperatures
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