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Summer 2014 European Energy Innovation


Geothermal Energy –
Energy for the Future
Water and Heat from the Earth

Erdwerk GmbH is to comply with our client’s OUR TRACK RECORD COVERS
an independent demand for the newest technical
consultancy company developments and scientific • supervising more than 80.000
specialising geology- knowhow. drilled meters, amongst
hydrogeology, drilling technology them the worldwide deepest
and geothermal exploration. Our Our comprehensive services hydrothermal wells and the
team of geoscientists and drilling offer you a full range of support. most recent power generating
engineers is ready to support you Our special strengths include a projects in Germany (Sauerlach,
in the planning, realisation and broad knowledge and expertise Dürrnhaar, Kirchstockach)
monitoring your project. for the technical and geological
aspects of implementing large • managing 10 projects with 25
Founded in 2002 Erdwerk GmbH geothermal projects, as well as deep wells with permit and
is a well-established enterprise mining and water issues. approval procedures
with a good market position.
With a continuing education Our clients include municipalities, • tendering more than 50 EU wide
programme for our team industry, private investors as and national projects with an overall
members, we can guarantee well as institutions as insurance value of more than 180 Mio €
an interdisciplinary integration companies, banks and ministries.
• assessing projects according
to insurance and investors
requirements. l
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