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by using mirrors that concentrate
the sunlight. TNO in The
Netherlands has developed “a
tube solar cooker, enabling high
temperature cooking and rural
electricity as a way to prevent
deforestation in development
countries” affirms Dorrit Roosen.

There is an implicit technological
challenge for the photonics
community to continue
increasing the list of possible
applications that PV can assist. In
order to fulfill the sustainability
criteria, each technology must
be adapted to the particular
scenario and application,
ensuring durability and ease of
use and maintenance. Besides
the technical appropriateness of
the technology, economic and
social aspects must be taken into
account as well.

Financial services are fundamental Solar Lanterns used to read in the evenings
for people in the rural area to Source: Solar Transitions, University of Oslo
cover their energy needs. “We By Matthew Rix Whiting
have been working by supporting
microfinance institutions in the electrification in the last decade energy needs can be met by
process of developing and has been the establishment working under the right policies
providing green micro-loans, of institutional arrangements and appropriate resources, the
financial products that help clients for maintenance of installed photonics community has the
finance a renewable or efficient systems. It is imperative that chance to spread and adapt the
energy system for their home or programs consider these social use of photonic technologies
business” says Sebastian Groh at and economic arrangements, and increase awareness for
MicroEnergy International from and not just the technologies international energy cooperation.
Germany. used to provide energy services”,
says Matthew Dornan from the Investments in durable, reliable
The cost and availability of Australian National University’s and sustainable PV innovations
spare parts is also indispensable Development Policy Centre. should be well worth it, not only
for the proper operation and as the way to bring people out of
maintenance of projects, and The fact that energy poverty poverty, but as an opportunity to
is only possible with the full involves the lack of access to rethink in sustainable models for
support of rural communities. modern energy services is use in the resource and energy
Institutional arrangements not breaking news. But, the markets of the developed world.
are therefore essential for the massive segment of global
long term sustainability of rural population without electricity Who is taking the lead to
electrification projects. “Around access and its massive market make this revolution happens?
the world, the single greatest opportunities seems to have Please contact me at
challenge to sustainable rural remained invisible. Knowing that l
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