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Summer 2014 European Energy Innovation 45


With regard to the second programme, has boosted the actions as part of the INFO-
strategic axis Scientific viability and originality of the ENE Programme such as the
Improvement and Knowledge results and the media capacity participation in the Plan for
Transfer it is important to note to transmit the results to the Innovation in Information and
that UCLM has 6 university- scientific community and the Technological Diffusion in
company chairs related to business world. The development the Field of Energy Business
subjects from the Campus of of these programmes, together Excellence. This project aims
Excellence: the Innovation and with the initiative and research to inform about, publicise and
Enterprise Development Caja quality of the groups comprising promote a model of business
Rural de Castilla-La Mancha Chair, CYTEMA has meant that despite excellence based on energy
the ELCOGAS Chair, the INDRA the economic hardships, in terms efficiency and technological
Chair, the Santander Chair of of science production, the results innovation, which will continue
Corporate Social Responsibility, have maintained the highest level. to increase the competitiveness
the Manuel de las Casas Lafarge UCLM has managed to position of the industrial framework of
Foundation Chair and the ENRESA nine scientific disciplines among Castilla-La Mancha, making
Chair. The activities developed the ten best in Spain according economic growth compatible
under these agreements allow to the I-UGR ranking of Spanish with sustainability. Furthermore,
other members of the community Universities according to Scientific as part of the Responsible
to be integrated in the aims Fields and Disciplines (4th edition Territory Programme, TERRI-RESP,
and objectives of CYTEMA and 2013): Chemical Engineering the Sustainable Development
they foster the development of (3rd), Ecology and Environmental Observatory has been created.
research and knowledge transfer Sciences (4th), Veterinary Science
activities. and Livestock Breeding (4th), To conclude, the action Mobility
Statistics, Electrical and Electronic and Sustainability 2020 has led
Among the actions conducted Engineering, Civil Engineering, to the creation of a series of
within the framework of the Industrial Engineering, measures aimed at improving
second strategic axis we Geography and Town Planning campus sustainability. The most
highlight the development of and Neurosciences are also important action is the Energy
5 programmes of excellence among the top ten. Efficiency Plan which has notably
in R&D: Natural resources: reduced energy consumption
sustainability and efficient Additionally, the Conference and expenditure in university
management; Energy efficiency Energy and Environment buildings and campuses.
and renewable energy Knowledge Week - E2KW- has
innovation: towards a new social been celebrated. This international, The CYTEMA initiative is
production model; Environment multidisciplinary congress will encountered in the Research and
and climate change; Green IT: the celebrate its second edition in Innovation Strategy for Smart
environmental commitment of the Toledo in October 2014 presenting Specialisation (RIS3) developed
information society; Hydrogen cutting edge research in all aspects by the Regional Government of
economy and engineering: of the energy and environment Castilla-La Mancha where the
the future energy alternative. science and technology. UCLM has a crucial role. l
These programmes have been Prestigious researchers will be
divided into 28 specific actions, in attendance as well as leading Contact details:
coordinated by UCLM research companies in the application of
groups and in which researchers efficient energy systems.
from outside Castilla-La Mancha
have participated. The wealth of Finally, the third strategic axis,
science provided by the diversity Campus Transformation and
of national and international Community Outreach has
groups and institutes, working involved the development
together on the same of, among others, a series of
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