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Summer 2014 European Energy Innovation 35


• Testing and validation of R&D along the whole value chain consumer, increase efficiency,
low cost wind turbines and is therefore needed to improve sustainability, reducing also dust
components module and system performance. emissions and costs.

Cheaper wind turbines with • Testing, validation and cost • Development of hybrid
longer lifetime will contribute reduction of innovative electric/heating/cooling
to the increase of the market ocean energy devices and grid and storage solutions
penetration of wind energy. LCOE components in order to enable system
reduction from new concepts is integration of increasing
expected to be at least 10%. Ocean energy is not very far amounts of local and remote
down the cost curve. Testing and renewable sources
• Improved energy storage validation in controlled conditions
systems (i.e. wave tanks) allows ocean Integrated solutions including
energy projects to progress and consumer demand, distributed
In all areas: chemical, increases investor confidence when generation, storage and market
electrochemical, mechanical or the device eventually goes to sea. players to support a secure, stable
thermal. and responsive system.
• Increase efficiency, reduce
• Improved wind and solar emissions and improve • Development of advanced
modelling and forecasting feedstock flexibility of thermal conversion solutions
micro, small and large scale and 2nd/3rd generation
Enhancing wind models and biomass based CHP, as well biofuels
assessing uncertainties of wind as enhance sustainable,
conditions in the atmospheric innovative and cost-efficient Comprehensive actions
boundary as well as in complex advanced biomass feedstock are needed to foster the
terrains, extreme atmospheric supply development of advanced
conditions, land-sea interaction biofuels and alternative fuels
and combined wind-wave Bioenergy use in industrial in this key sector, to ensure
and current conditions. Also, power plants and DHC expected their sustainability and to
increasing module electricity to roughly double by 2020. It commercialise biofuels based on
production is a key player to bring is therefore crucial to secure lignocellulose and other non-food
down the cost of PV electricity. biomass fuel supply to the end feedstocks. l
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