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Summer 2014 European Energy Innovation


CARE: “Green aviation is the best
opportunity for our Regions”

How European Aerospace Clusters strengthen the Regions and the Industry in the Maelstrom of the
Global Aeronautics Market.

AVIATION: A GROWING That is the rough definition of traffic management, low-noise
MARKET WITH LIMITATIONS “green aviation” challenges, as set airport approaches, inter-
All aviation stakeholders mention in the CARE project. modal platforms, new tools to
it: the consumer demand for accompany the passenger…
flying is increasing in such a WHY “GREEN” IS AN Depending on the need for
way that the number of aircrafts OPPORTUNITY FOR THE capital for each of these activities,
will double before 2030. Such a AVIATION INDUSTRY innovation is open to SMEs
context requires a fast adaptation The aeronautics sector benefits or large groups, and research
of the full industry, from aircraft from one advantage: reducing institutions are widely asked for
and engine manufacturers the environmental impact collaboration with industry.
to flight control and airport and improving the operations
infrastructures. costs are two sides of the same Air transport companies have
endeavor. a good reason to invest in
But in order that the expected innovation: with high technology,
increase is accepted by the The objectives of environmental aircrafts become cheaper to
consumer, air transport must be and operation cost improvement operate than with lower-end
integrated to ensure smooth and trigger innovative ideas and open technology. While in other
seamless travel for the passenger, new research avenues: eco- sectors, fancy technology
airport noise must be drastically design of aircraft including green often justifies higher costs, in
reduced, air pollution must be maintenance and end-of life aeronautics it is the other way
lowered, flight costs should be management, lighter composite round. Competitiveness of
kept as low as possible, and and metallic materials, new aviation lies in lower operational
finally high-tech aircrafts must be manufacturing processes, more costs and not so much in the
dismantled and recycled to avoid electric aircrafts, new engine purchase of the aircraft. As an
waste and contamination. concepts for lower consumption, example, today, fuel consumption
new fuels, single sky and 4D air represents 30% of total operating
costs during the lifetime of
the aircraft: saving on fuel is a
green challenge with immediate
economic return, with options on
many technical parameters which
influence the result.

At first sight, such a growth
context for Aviation, combined
to the business perspective of
thinking Green should leverage
enthusiasm throughout the air
transportation-related industry.
This is true at European level, but
also at global scale with more and
more countries investing in the
sector to take their share of the
market. The competitiveness of
the European industry is under
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