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Summer 2014 European Energy Innovation 15


€4 bn of research activity within of the Advisory Council for research centres and SMEs. For
a coherent programmatic Aeronautical Research in Europe countries without an established
approach. Both the European (ACARE) for 2020, which are to aeronautic industry, Clean Sky 2
Commission and the aeronautics demonstrate technologies at will still represent an important
industry have made an effort to the highest possible maturity to opportunity. Increasing numbers
raise the bar and give ourselves reach the 50% CO2 reduction of entreprises with a non-
the means to meet our ambitious target. Clean Sky 2 will bring aerospace focus are successfully
objectives. these technologies to a still more finding their way into the
complex and more representative innovation chains via the Calls for
From a technical viewpoint the level of integration at engine and Proposals thus creating new fields
programme will introduce further aircraft levels. Beyond this, Clean of opportunity for the SMEs and
integrated demonstrations and Sky 2 will pave the way for the also creating new potential supply
simulations of several aircraft next generation of breakthroughs, chains for the established industry
systems at the aircraft platform reaching for a 2035 horizon in players.
level. Innovations from Clean accordance with the new ACARE’s
Sky 2 will underpin advances in Research and Innovation Agenda. Clean Sky will be present at ILA
the next generation of aircraft Berlin and Farnborough Airshows
by mastering the technologies Clean Sky 2 is certain to deliver in May and July not only to
and the risks in time to meet the benefits for European citizens, for showcase its results, but also to
next market window to replace the EU economy, for the scientific introduce the new programme to
the current fleet. Clean Sky 2 will community, for the Member all those interested. Get involved! l
be a core European programme States, and for the aeronautics
which will be leveraged by further sector and small and medium Contact details:
activities funded at national, companies (SMEs) in particular.
regional and private levels.
This will allow us to fully realise The programme offers more
the environmental objectives opportunities for innovative
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