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Summer 2014 European Energy Innovation 9


competition, effective regulation, Koen Noyens
and supporting infrastructure.
All of these are fundamental to EURELECTRIC in Brief
ensure a smooth integration of
innovation policy into EU energy EURELECTRIC is the voice of the electricity industry in Europe. We represent the
policy, key in the discussion on power sector in over 30 European countries, speaking for more than 3,500 companies
2030. in power generation, distribution, and supply. We also have affiliates and associates
on several other continents. We stand for carbon-neutral electricity by 2050,
The future innovation setting will competitive electricity for our customers, and continent-wide electricity through a
require a rethink to ensure that coherent European approach. Our permanent secretariat in based in Brussels. More
Europe’s sustainability objectives information on our activities is available at
are met more cost-efficiently. The
European electricity industry sees
value in an ‘ETS plus’ approach:
‘demand-pull’ policies that
stimulate innovation, coupled with
the EU Emissions Trading Scheme
(ETS) – rather than innovation
incentives – as a driver of mass
deployment and market uptake.
The ETS is able to encourage
competition between low-carbon
solutions once they have matured
in the innovation process, and
offers built-in mechanisms for
cost-effectiveness. Investors can
rely on this mechanism because it
preserves competition, promotes
cost-effectiveness and offers
stability. Striking the right balance
between such ‘demand-pull’
innovation policies and the ETS
will be key.

The big 2030 energy and climate
framework debate has already
started. So far innovation is
missing from these discussions,
although technological and non-
technological innovation will be
needed to create a competitive,
secure and low-carbon economy.
Innovation should thus be the
unifying narrative that cuts across
the climate, energy and industrial
competitiveness dimensions of
the 2030 debate. l
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