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50  Spring 2017 European Energy Innovation


A conveyor belt carrying RDF as it travels away from a magnet  materials from previously
                                                               landfilled wastes through the
                                                               deployment of enhanced
                                                               landfill mining [ELFM]. This is an
                                                               emerging field which is being
                                                               developed rapidly through
                                                               Cranfield University and fellow
                                                               members of the European
                                                               Enhanced Landfill Mining
                                                               Consortium [EURELCO]. Cranfield,
                                                               through a Horizon 2020-funded
                                                               project SMART GROUND, are
                                                               also seeking to understand the
                                                               secondary raw material potential
                                                               of EU landfill sites. ATT processes
                                                               have previously been investigated
                                                               by members of EURELCO as a
                                                               means of converting excavated
                                                               wastes into valuable products.
                                                               Through ELFM valuable
                                                               materials can be recovered, the
                                                               environmental burden of legacy
                                                               landfill sites is removed and land
                                                               is remediated. ATT processes
                                                               have a significant role to play in
                                                               ELFM and secondary raw material
                                                               recovery from our wastes.

                                                               Looking ahead there are
                                                               examples globally which suggest
                                                               that energy from waste has a firm
                                                               place in waste management. In
                                                               China there are plans to develop
                                                               300 new EfW facilities in the
                                                               next 3 years, one of which will
                                                               be the world’s largest facility,
                                                               located in Shenzhen processing a
                                                               staggering 5,000 tonnes per day.
                                                               In terms of large-scale projects,
                                                               it appears that conventional
                                                               combustion processes, largely
                                                               incorporating the well-established
                                                               moving grate technology, will
                                                               continue to be constructed. ATT,
                                                               however, shouldn’t be written off;
                                                               we have seen evidence that large-
                                                               scale facilities are prone to failure,
                                                               but smaller town-scale facilities
                                                               may still have a place in ELFM
                                                               and an overall sustainable waste
                                                               management system. ●

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