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12  Spring 2017 European Energy Innovation


Managing energy innovations

The German government has set itself the objective                 to critically monitor this process, and to supply long-term
            of ensuring safe, affordable, and clean energy for a   solutions.
            sustainable and environmentally friendly economy.
            It has also outlined ambitious CO2 targets, which are  BMBF is funding research projects on renewable energies,
part of Germany’s new Climate Action Plan 2050. Renewable          energy storage and distribution, materials research for the
energy and energy efficiency will be the focus of future           transformation of the energy sector, energy-efficient cities,
investment. The main strengths of the German economy lie           load flexibility in the use of renewable energies, and an
in mechanical engineering and automotive technology, and           intelligent approach to CO2. The funding of such research
also in the chemical industry. With the Climate Action Plan        is linked to technological issues with economic and social
2050, the federal government has created the necessary             aspects, and therefore follows a systemic approach. BMBF
conditions for the economy to remain competitive – even in a       prioritizes projects that are most crucial to ensuring a
decarbonizing world.                                               secure and clean energy supply in Germany. The Project
                                                                   Management Jülich (PtJ) supports the ministry in the
THE FUTURE DIRECTION OF GERMANY’S ENERGY                           implementation and administration of these projects.
A major contribution to this process is the transformation         THE KOPERNIKUS PROJECTS: A NEW FUNDING
of the energy sector – one of the most significant political       PHILOSOPHY
initiatives for the next three decades. It is, in particular,      In 2016, BMBF launched the largest research initiative
the responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Education and        for the energy transition so far: the Kopernikus Projects.
Research (BMBF) to continuously promote this radical               The philosophy behind the projects is as follows:
restructuring process with support from science and research,      research networks that include science, industry, and civil

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