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Autumn 2017 European Energy Innovation  9

                                       BREXIT AND IRELAND'S ENERGY SUPPLY

supply. Most importantly though, the   The European Commission’s Projects          project offers a ready-made solution
option of LNG imports could shield     of Common Interest (PCI) offer              to all of the above, and I believe
us against the effects of some of the  probably the best solution as Brexit        that it is time for political leadership
longer-term market uncertainty I have  looms. The proposed Shannon LNG             to ensure that the project comes
mentioned above. An LNG terminal       terminal in Co. Kerry on our South-         to fruition as soon as possible. The
would bring market flexibility and     West coast has been identified as a         more independent from the UK the
enhanced supply security for Ireland   key project for the completion of the       Irish economy can be, the better the
and ultimately contribute to further   internal EU gas market, and in the          prospects for the EU-27 as we face
eliminating our historical economic    context of Brexit I feel that this project  into two more years of Brexit
dependence on the United Kingdom.      now becomes more of a priority. The         negotiations. l
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