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14  Autumn 2017 European Energy Innovation



                                    Every second counts:
    We are looking for partners to contribute to the e-learning platform

In 2016, Austrian Mobile Power started the interdisciplinary  • provide the current content for cooperation partners in
e-learning platform “Mission e-possible” for adolescents          other European countries,
in order to playfully teach e-mobility knowledge and raise
awareness in this important field.                            • translate the content in other languages,
                                                              • extend the learning scope where appropriate,
In 12 learning modules – 5-7min each – the players can gain   • customize individual learning courses,
knowledge in areas such as:                                   • jointly finance the running of an European e-mobility

• Energy sources                                                  learning platform, and to
• Climate change                                              • support awareness campaigns towards e-mobility in
• Ecological footprint
• Mobility behavior                                               Europe.
• Public transport
• Transport technologies                                        Get part of the electric mission! Get in contact with us!

The outstanding success and positive feedback of German         Heimo Aichmaier
speaking industrial and teaching stakeholders all over          Managing director
Europe motivated us to grow this towards an European            Tel: +436648304307
learning and qualification platform. We would like to:          Email:

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