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The publishers of European Energy                                                                       FOREWORD
Innovation would like to offer their
sincere thanks to all individuals and      Foreword
organisations who have contributed
editorial images photos and illustrations  Welcome to the Autumn Issue of EEI: it has been an eventful summer! As proud
to the magazine. Whilst every effort       media partners of the European Sustainable Energy Week we note this year’s
has been made to ensure accuracy           impressive figures: over 2290 participants and 399 speakers at 63 policy sessions;
of the content, the publishers of          16 permanent exhibitors and 34 Networking Village activities. Meanwhile, The
European Energy Innovation accept no       New York times reported US President Trump’s announcement of his country’s
responsibility for errors or omissions.    withdrawal from the Paris climate accord. He stated that he had been “elected
                                           to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris”: climate change being a global
The contents of European Energy            phenomenon, the irony of this statement seemed somewhat lost. Elsewhere,
Innovation are protected by copyright.     formal Brexit negotiations now generate much hot air of their own: irony, it seems,
                                           is in short supply.
All rights reserved.
                                           Our readers can reacquaint themselves with Arnulf Jäger-Waldau’s mastery of
European Energy Innovation is              detailed figures, logic and argument as he explains why Europe needs more PV.
published by:                              Europe must generate as much as half of its electricity from renewable sources
Prologue Media Ltd                         to meet its own 2030 targets, and an even higher proportion by 2050. Against
1a Shire Lane                              a fall in PV installation, he concludes that the size of this market must triple if we
Chorleywood                                are to breathe life into the Paris Agreement. An article from Kathleen van Brempt
Hertfordshire WD3 5NQ                      MEP, who chaired the Dieselgate inquiry committee, urges us not to waste that
United Kingdom                             crisis: she advocates increased electrification of transport, before cautioning that
                                           the emerging disparity between US, Chinese and EU NOx emission standards
Tel: +44 1923 286238                       has implications for vehicle sales. Referring to the growing number of countries            committing to phasing out ICEs, she calls for a “progressive legislative approach”
                                           to transport emissions. Elsewhere, Professor Joerli Van Mierlo provides us with
To obtain additional copies please email   the challenging thought that, were they to run on sustainable electricity, EVs           could reduce CO2 emissions by a factor of 19. “This”, he says, “is the way to go”.
                                           His article does not however forecast how many EVs will be on the road by 2050.
EDITOR                                     That, he argues, might better be answered by asking how many we might need.
Michael Edmund         Rémi Mayet examines how EU Ports policy may contribute to the decarbonisation
                                           of Transport. Noting the importance of shipping to European jobs and its
BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR              economy; and that both the size and number of ships are likely to increase,
Philip Beausire                            he discusses the legislative landscape, State Aid, alternative fuels and the         simplification of information reporting, before concluding that the greening of
                                           Ports offers great potential in the energy transition. Echoing the theme, Brian
HEAD OF BRUSSELS OFFICE                    Simpson explores how Motorways of the Sea, which form part of the EU’s TEN-T
Sophia Silvert                             policy, can contribute to environmentally-friendly shipping. He illustrates how
Mob: +32 4 73 73 03 22                     the CEF supports MoS with projects involving alternative fuels such as LNG and         methanol; and Zero Emissions Ferries.

DESIGN & PRODUCTION                        In sombre mood, Seán Kelly MEP reviews the impact of Brexit upon Ireland’s
Ray Heath                                  energy supply. There is, he argues, no upside – the question is how bad it will be.                  Noting Ireland’s dependence for its gas upon the Moffatt Interconnector from
                                           Scotland, and her likely increase in demand for gas, he examines the potential
WEBSITE DESIGN                             of LNG for the only EU country with a land border with the departing UK. He                             concludes that the more independent Ireland can be, the better the prospects for
                                           the EU as a whole.
The Magazine Printing Company,             There is no irony at all in that conclusion, just a lot more for you to read inside…
Enfield, Middlesex, United Kingdom
                                           Michael Edmund
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