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Autumn 2017 European Energy Innovation     29


transformation in the flexibility of the  end aspects, such as communication         communication between charging
demand-side and how owners of             interfaces and electric vehicle            service operators and third-party
electric vehicles can benefit from their  power system integration have been         service management platforms to
participation in the management of        primarily developed as research            enable electric vehicle roaming
power systems.                            and pilot projects, which has led to       services.
                                          proprietary solutions that reflect, to
Standards offer the technical             some extent, the current state of the      ECOS has been deeply involved in
foundation for this transition. They act  market. More recently, attention has       the development of these standards
as powerful tools within the Single       shifted towards the development            and others, to support a vision of
Market to strengthen interoperability     requirements for smart charging. For       sustainable power and transport
for millions of devices, reduce the       instance, the standard that governs        systems working together to provide
risk of stranded assets, avoid market     the communication between the              the services we need. This includes
fragmentation and guarantee minimum       electric vehicle and the electric vehicle  contributions to standards that govern
functionality. Standards define how       supply equipment (ISO/IEC 15118) is        not only electric vehicles, but also
technologies function and interoperate,   currently being revised to ensure the      customer energy managers, smart
which can influence their favourability   inclusion of advanced smart charging       appliances and smart meters to
among consumers, environmental            options, such as bidirectional power       strengthen their ability to interoperate
performance of the sectors and            transfer and wireless power transfer.      among themselves and support
ultimately, the evolution of markets.     This will be supported by the launch       variable renewable energy sources.
                                          of new international projects, such        While significant challenges are yet
Standardisation of electric vehicles      as a standard to manage back-end           to be overcome, a sustainable future
has historically focused on plugs,        electric vehicle charging infrastructure   supported by standards is within our
outlets and electrical safety. Back-      (IEC 63110) and a standard to govern       grasp. l
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