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A Systematic Approach for Inspiring Training Energy-Spatial Socioeconomic Sustainability to
Public Authorities

INTENSSS-PA is an HORIZON2020 project that aims to            INTENSSS-PA has established successfully a network of
develop and implement a human and institutional capacity      seven RLLs. These are at Junta Castilla y Leon, Calabria,
building approach related to integrated sustainable energy    Karditsa regional district, Pomurje statistical region, Zemgale
planning, addressed to public authorities and societal        statistical region, Groningen municipality and Middelfart
stakeholders in order to support them to enter in a new       municipality.
era of energy planning through a participatory, multi-level,
interdisciplinary decision making process.                    The seven RLLs proved to add value to energy planning
                                                              in the regional areas by developing and implementing
To implement this approach, the Living Lab (LL) concept       planning processes in relation to a more open and
has been adopted. Within INTENSSS-PA a Regional Living        collaborative approach to governance.
Lab (RLL) is deļ¬ned as emerging citizens-public-private
partnership, where all stakeholders work together to create,  At present the seven RLLs have entered the co-planning
experiment and evaluate new innovative approaches and         methodological phase and the completed integrated
institutional innovation related to integrated sustainable    sustainable energy plans are expected to be delivered by
energy planning.                                              February 2018.

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