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26  Autumn 2017 European Energy Innovation


of renewable electricity by electric car  funded project CommONEnergy,                The challenges ahead of decarbonising
owners. This could very well lessen       which focuses on transforming               the building, transport and power
the pressure put on the grid in case of   shopping centres into energy efficient      sectors pale in comparison with
demand peaks.                             environments. Charging stations were        the benefits to be reaped from an
                                          installed in Grosseto, Italy, to allow      economic, social and environmental
And electricity suppliers, (local)        visitors to charge while shopping and       point of view. More and more players
governments and companies that            showcase the technology to other            are realising this and entering the
own parking spaces could foresee          shoppers.                                   market place with innovative green
charging points for electric cars, fed                                                technologies. Smart buildings and
with renewable electricity. Increasing    Heavy amounts of paperwork are              electric vehicles can successfully work
the visibility of charging points, in     another real burden. So, countries like     together while sound policies pave
workplaces and shopping centres           France, Spain and Portugal have eased       the way. l
can stimulate their uptake by making      permitting and approval procedures
consumers more aware of the potential     for installing charging points in existing    For more information on BPIE’s work
to charge electric vehicles. This is      multi-family buildings. An initiative that    visit
something being tested by the EU-         can only be welcomed.

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