Page 18 - European Energy Innovation - autumn 2017 publication
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18  Autumn 2017 European Energy Innovation


Sometimes we hear that hydrogen             vast improvement on employment            though both technologies are not
is the true and only zero emission          rates. Families could increase their      dependent on each other, electric
solution. Yet, also hydrogen needs to       purchasing power when they no             cars are better candidates to become
be produced. If we produce hydrogen         longer need to depend on imported         self-driving cars. Autonomous cars
with natural gas there is no advantage      oil products.                             depend on electronics for their
as far as greenhouse gases go. So                                                     control. It therefore makes sense to
you need to produce hydrogen from           “ELECTRIFICATION OF TRANSPORT             equip them with an electric motor.
sustainable energy sources such as          GENERATES EMPLOYMENT AND                  The autonomous vehicles, which we
wind, sun or water. But the problem is      REDUCES OIL DEPENDENCY”                   can expect on the market the coming
that you need three times more wind         It is suggested however that loss of      decades, need different charging
turbines to drive a hydrogen-powered        income from duties and taxes on           infrastructure then the electric vehicles
car in comparison to a battery-electric     diesel and petrol will negatively impact  which are coming onto the market
vehicle.                                    government budgets. But this does         now. The self-driving car from 2050
                                            not take into account improved air        will seek its own charging point when
HOW DO ELECTRIC VEHICLES                    quality. Improved air quality will have   it needs to and charging points will
AFFECT OUR ECONOMY?                         a positive effect on the health budget.   therefore be organised differently
Research indicates that the                 Less expenses for health care, but also   and in other locations, allowing smart
electrification of our transport            cleaning of monuments and historical      grid operations. It will be no longer
system would generate one million           buildings for example. These are not      necessary to own a car but define your
additional jobs in Europe in 2030 and       wild guesses. MOBI developed an           needs. In your smartphone you plan
double in 2050. These jobs relate           ‘External Cost Calculator’, which can     your car, like you plan other items in
to the production of components             provide well-founded data. Policy         your agenda. At 7am a fully charged
for electric vehicles. But they also        makers can use these to make better-      vehicle will be waiting on your door
relate to new services, such as             informed decisions.                       step. When you return, the car will
charging infrastructure for example.                                                  return to its automated charging
Electrification is also positive to reduce  WHAT WILL OUR VEHICLE FLEET               station.
our oil dependency. The import of           LOOK LIKE IN 2050?
oil costs the European economy one          Apart from electric cars, self-driving    WILL ELECTRIC DRIVING CAUSE
billion euro per day. Investing this in     or autonomous vehicles will have          POWER SHORTAGES?
our own economies could mean a              made their appearance by 2050. Even       Suppose that 10% of our fleet would

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