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Autumn 2017 European Energy Innovation    17

                                                    ELECTRIC VEHICLES

supply problem to other countries with   entire transport and energy sectors to    both climate change and air quality,
many undesired side effects.             non-fossil fuels. Electric vehicles have  the difference between petrol, diesel,
                                         the potential to drive on solar and       LPG and natural gas driven cars is
There are other fuels such as natural    wind power.                               minimal. Hybrid and plug-in hybrid
gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).                                              vehicles can improve scores with a
They have a less negative impact on      It is not so easy to compare all the      factor two. The overall environmental
air quality and are thus better for our  alternatives. But fortunately we have     impact of battery-electric vehicles can
health. On the other hand, however,      scientific methods to do this for us,     be up to five times smaller
they do not offer a real solution for    namely life cycle analysis models (LCA)   than conventional fuels, in case we
climate change. In order to counter      to compare all these factors in an        consider for example the Belgian
climate change we need to switch our     unbiased way. If we take into account     electricity mix.
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