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Autumn 2016 European Energy Innovation         9


were cleaned using this method in           High Efficiency cooling with Whizz-Wheel® fan
March 2015. The process was managed
and supervised by Bronswerk.
The result was a very satisfied and
enthusiastic customer thanks to the
efficient maintenance solution and
ultimate result, as shown in photograph
no. 2. The lower costs and increased
effectiveness of the process added
up to efficiency in terms of minimal
downtime, greater reliability and
availability and maximum output of the

ONE STEP FURTHER                            customer in Gunzenhausen too, but in        of 53%. Our customer in Gunzenhausen
After dry cleaning, the cooling capacity    terms of energy consumption.                realised energy savings of 50% thanks
returns to the desired level – that is, if                                              to the retrofit with a maximum noise
you don’t take into account cross-winds     RETROFIT                                    pressure of 72 dB(A). Moreover, our
or wind in general. The maximum wind        In all of these cases, the situation        experience thus far has been that
speed at which an A-frame cooler is         involves an existing plant, with existing   bundles under which a Whizz-Wheel® is
tested and which it must withstand in       coolers and usually limited plot space      suspended are less sensitive to pollution
order to officially achieve the required    and sometimes also limited capacity         and also cost less to maintain.
capacity is 3m/s, which is almost no        and cable diameters, all of which need
wind at all. Wind plays a major role        to be taken into account to implement       CONCLUSION
in an A-frame as the pressure drop          the desired or required improvements.       If you have capacity problems with your
over the bundle – and therefore the         Despite the considerable challenges,        cooling equipment, the logical first
air speeds – are relatively low. The        solutions do exist for these situations of  step is to check the condition of the
rendering industry often uses flat          this kind. Using high efficiency cooling    bundles. If there is dirt on the bundles
condensers in which the speeds are          with the Whizz-Wheel® fan, the existing     (and this is often the cause, even if
higher and the wind indeed has less         plant can be retrofitted. The existing fan  the dirt is not visible on the outside of
effect. But of course there is always       and part of the housing are replaced        the bundle), you can now safely and
some kind of effect. Moreover, many         by these very efficient Whizz-Wheel®        efficiently clean the bundles using our
coolers (whether A-frames or not) are       fans and specially designed inlet and       dry cleaning method. This will be a vast
situated in areas where, during the         control systems. With a retrofit, we        improvement in itself, but if you aim to
summer months, capacity problems            leave the existing plant as it is, but      keep increasing the cooling capacity
are caused by the high temperatures of      the adjustment still brings about the       and want even less dirt in the future, we
the ambient air. Or they must comply        desired or required changes. In the         would be more than happy to pay you
with the stricter European regulations      examples given above, the retrofit had      a visit to inform you about the retrofit
for noise and energy consumption            the following results. At the Waste to      options we can offer you. Even more
that will come into effect in Germany,      Energy plant, production had been           importantly, given the forthcoming
for example, in 2017. A number of our       cut to 60% due to noise violations that     regulations: if you are facing possible
customers are encountering these            restricted the system’s cooling capacity.   noise constraints and restrictions
problems or combinations of these           After the retrofit, production returned     in your energy consumption, we
problems. For example, a Waste to           to 100% – and to top that, the company      recommend that you check your
Energy in Germany had to reduce             realised energy savings of 56%! At the      cooling equipment and contact us. l
its production to 60% because of            before mentioned refinery, where the
noise violations. And a refinery in         plant had to close temporarily due to         Contact details
Germany even had to close its plant         noise restrictions, the company not only
because it was unable to comply with        returned production to 100% but also          For more information:
the permitted noise levels with the         realised unprecedented energy savings
equipment it was using at that time!
These new regulations affected our
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