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The publishers of European Energy          Foreword: Fault lines?
Innovation would like to offer their
sincere thanks to all individuals and      A huge crack is spreading across the Larsen C, one of Antarctica’s biggest ice
organisations who have contributed         shelves. Since March of this year, the crack in question has widened to about 350
editorial images photos and illustrations  metres and lengthened by 22 kilometres; it is now about 130 kilometres long and
to the magazine. Whilst every effort       the the area of ice that threatens to break off is about the size of Scotland. Since
has been made to ensure accuracy           the ice itself is already floating, this event, though potentially disastrous for Larsen
of the content, the publishers of          C, will not contribute appreciably to sea level rise; but the point is that this latest
European Energy Innovation accept no       development has happened during the Antarctic winter, when the temperatures
responsibility for errors or omissions.    are supposed to be at their coldest.

The contents of European Energy            With China and the US, the world’s biggest GHG emitters now committing to ratify
Innovation are protected by copyright.     COP21, the articles by Knut Fleckenstein MEP and Isabelle Ryckbost in this issue
                                           are particularly timely. Fleckenstein focuses his attention on maritime transport,
All rights reserved.                       arguing for politics to take “a major role in increasing the incentives for “green”
                                           solutions”, while Ryckbost illustrates some of the findings of a recent ESPO survey.
European Energy Innovation is              Anticipating next year’s inaugural Think Climate conference in Brussels, she also
published by:                              notes that more than 25 European ports nowadays provide incentives to greener
Prologue Media Ltd                         vessels on the basis of the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) tool. Meanwhile, Lamia-
1a Shire Lane                              Kerdjoudj Belkaid takes a look at the regulation of Non-Road Mobile Machinery,
Chorleywood                                a sector of transport that we do not often feature. Commenting that the latest
Hertfordshire WD3 5NQ                      regulations cover the reach stackers and straddle carriers installed in most ports,
United Kingdom                             she notes that FEPORT’s objective was to ensure the sustainable greening of
                                           all non-road mobile machinery. Reviewing the importance of LNG to Europe’s
Tel: +44 1923 286238                       energy security, Vice-President of the European Parliament Adina Ioana Vālean            explores recent developments in the global LNG market and argues that it is
                                           the market that will drive future success. This, she believes, will come from the
To obtain additional copies please email   disruptive effect of the emergence of Eastern Europe.
                                           Regular contributor Hans ten Berge offers a very positive view of the future role
EDITOR                                     of electrification of transport. Listing numerous advantages offered by EVs; and
Michael Edmund                             referring to initiatives such as the Platform for Electromobility and Gear 2030,         he calls for an EU strategy for electro-mobility. No technology, he argues, can
                                           decarbonise to the same extent and scale as electricity.
Philip Beausire                            Hervé Bernard explains the role of the European Energy Research Alliance         (EERA) in the EU’s Strategic Energy-Technology Plan (SET-Plan), the framework
                                           for achieving its energy objectives. A key factor, he tells us, is co-operation with
HEAD OF BRUSSELS OFFICE                    industry and other stakeholders. And now, more than ever, Europe needs co-
Sophia Silvert                             operation. June’s momentous vote by the British people has to many observers
Mob: +32 4737 30322                        highlighted the political cracks that are appearing across the continent. These         might appear principally to concern people’s reactions to migration, but it is clear
                                           that from Austria to France; and from Germany to Hungary, there is a great deal
DESIGN & PRODUCTION                        of discontent. And this discontent is every bit as threatening to Europe’s political                       fabric as that crack is to the Larsen C ice sheet. For climate change does not
                                           respect anyone’s borders.
WEBSITE DESIGN                             Meanwhile, there is much more for you to read inside…

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