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42  Autumn 2016 European Energy Innovation


Project Mission and Scope

ALISE is a pan European                    Wh/Kg stable LiS cell. The project         regarding anode, cathode, electrolyte
               collaboration focused       involves dedicated durability, testing     and separator.
               on the development and      and LCA activities that will make sure
               commercial scale-up of new  the safety and adequate cyclability of     DELIVERING INNOVATION TO THE
materials and on the understanding of      battery being developed and available      MARKET
the electrochemical processes involved     at competitive cost.                       ALISE Consortium is dedicated to
in the Lithium Sulfur technology. It                                                  market transfer of different devices/
aims to create impact by developing        Initial materials research will be scaled  systems/components being developed
innovative battery technology              up during the project so that pilot        in ALISE project along the value chain
capable of fulfilling the expected         scale quantities of the new materials      due to the commercial interest of SME/
and characteristics from European          will be introduced into the novel cell     Industrial Partners.
Automotive Industry needs, European        designs thus giving the following
Materials Roadmap, Social factors          advancements over the current state        Complete panels of specific tools
from vehicle consumers and future          of the art. The project approach will      and modelling associated will be
competitiveness trends and European        bring real breakthrough regarding          developed from the unit cell to the
Companies positioning.                     new components, cell integration and       batteries pack. Activities are focused
                                           architecture associated. New materials     on the elaboration of new materials
The project is focused to achieve 500      will be developed and optimized            and processes at TRL4. Demonstration

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