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Autumn 2016 European Energy Innovation  45


could recharge EVs as they pass,
substantially overcoming the need for
further advances in battery technology,
which is nonetheless happening
anyway. These are technologies for
the future, but Tesla’s Model 3 already
stands poised to offer the blend of
affordability, range and performance
that represent a realistic alternative to
conventional cars. Given the inexorable
rise in both atmospheric CO2 levels and
global temperatures, the planet may
not be able to wait long enough for
us to debate solar or piezo roadways
fully: economics might have to be
subordinated to public policy, which
should in turn be subordinated to
planetary expediency.

A final thought: what else might
M. Curie have discovered if a solar
roadway had flashed a warning as he
tried to cross the Rue Dauphine 110
years ago? How many other accidents
might have been prevented since then;
and how many lives saved? l

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