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Autumn 2014 European Energy Innovation


with presentations from the heaters is an ambition that has specifications for sensors in the
European Commission and so far only been realized in very industry. Therefore it is important
from the European gas industry. small numbers. One early need for the gas industry to convey the
The European Commission is a cheap Wobbe meter which correct messages to potential
emphasized the importance of can be used by gas installers to developers, manufacturers and
gas quality for realizing the Single check gas quality at point of use. integrators, so that the solutions
European Energy Market. Gas Pipeline solutions may move will meet the needs. With this in
quality variation in Europe will be away from the expensive total mind, the Workshop organisers
both more frequent and of higher gas analysis chromatography will continue to work closely
amplitude due to the increase based systems towards cheaper together in coming weeks to
of diversification of delivery. It is correlative type devices. These define next steps and an action
vital to understand gas quality can be installed at the increasing plan and roadmap that can be
(and particularly Wobbe Index number of entry points, and communicated back to the sensor
which is an important measure give sufficient confidence in the community.
of combustion characteristics) in main quality parameters. Here
order to ensure safe combustion regulatory rather than technical Sensors seem to offer solutions to
of natural gas. In turn cheap, hurdles need to be overcome to a number of challenges that gas
fast and accurate sensors allied ensure their widest use. quality variation will bring. The
to effective measurement and workshop a first step for a joint
control systems may be vital to The number of diverse industrial effort toward solutions
ensure that safe combustion technical approaches to sensor to manage these variations
is taking place and can be development, demonstrate that automatically and with increased
appropriately managed. this is a field which is not short of confidence. l
possible technical solutions4. The
Many options are already in workshop has shown that that For more information please
operation, and even more there is an important need by the contact the authors5
options for the future. The sensor industry for information
relevant applications range from the gas industry on gas or you may want to join the
from monitoring and control quality variations, and application group “Gas sensors and gas
of distributed gas, through to quality” on Linkedin
control at the individual user level.

Transport is becoming a major
application with the increasing
success of natural gas (CNG
and LNG) vehicles and ships.
Collaborative efforts from OEMs
and engine manufacturers to
integrate sensors into a new
fleet of heavy-duty vehicles were
presented. This application may
lead the way in creating a new
market for mass production of
small sensors, and new integrated
chip based devices such as
MEMS3 are rising to the challenge.

For domestic users, integrating 1. The Technical Association of the European Gas Industry
gas quality sensing and control 2. The European Gas Research Group
into individual appliances, 3. T Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems
especially boilers and waters 4. Presentations available at
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