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A Security Risk Assessment
Methodology for Gas
Infrastructure Operators

By Thierry Deschuyteneer, Executive Secretary, Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE)

The European gas playing field. A sound security prepared for the European
infrastructure is a risk identification and mitigation Commission in 2010.
network of assets without methodology maintains the value
national boundaries: of energy infrastructure. The GIE Methodology is robust
a failure of one portion of the yet easily adaptable and flexible
network could spread to other The GIE Security Risk Assessment and can be used by different
areas, potentially involving several Methodology is a common and energy companies. It covers
countries. Thus the European integrated approach amongst all areas of security within a
Commission has identified European energy infrastructure company, irrespective of size
gas Infrastructure as a critical operators. With this methodology and scale. It is already in use
infrastructure. a next major and important step by several gas infrastructure
to increase security and resilience operators in different countries.
GIE fully acknowledges the of the gas infrastructure network
strategic importance of the gas in Europe has been achieved. The GIE Methodology is tailored
infrastructure system for Europe This is an example of the active to gas transmission: valve
and the necessity to create contribution of gas infrastructure stations; pressure and metering
standards to ensure a level- operators to the European stations; compression and
Program for Critical Infrastructure blending stations; import/export
Protection (EPCIP). stations; process control stations;
data communication systems;
A METHODOLOGY BUILT ON emergency and call centres; and
BEST PRACTICES gas flow control centres.
The GIE Security Risk Assessment
Methodology has been It also deals with the gas
elaborated by security experts distribution sector: emergency
from all over Europe with many and call centres and blending
years of practical experience, stations. Finally, underground
using different national best storage, peak-shaving and LNG
practices, together with one of terminal installations are covered
the world’s leading strategic as well.
Other important inputs come ANALYSIS, EVALUATION AND
from the risk assessment TREATMENT
methodology standards ISO The first part of the methodology
31000:2009 and ISO/IEC concerns risk identification. Each
31010:2009, as well as the asset is characterised according
“Reference Security Management to its criticality and potential
Plan for Energy Infrastructure” threats.
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