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GERG – Marcogaz Gas Sensor

By Jean Schweitzer (Danish Gas Technology Centre), Daniel Hec (Marcogaz), Robert Judd (GERG)

On 27th February Marcogaz1 and GERG2 and jointly organized a workshop in Brussels on the subject of
sensors in the gas industry, with a specific focus on Gas Quality sensing, measurement and control. The
event was a great success with over 60 attendees from a broad range of industrial and academic concerns.

INTRODUCTION: CONTEXT So in other words we need to We are here primarily looking
The evolution of the gas market put all information on the table at sensors that will help to solve
has brought focus on gas sensors sharing information about what the challenges of gas quality
as a technology that could/ are the sensors on the market & changes and covering different
should help the Gas Industry their performances + what gas applications. Known technologies
to manage the requirements quality change we shall expect. today are very different and
of the market (gas quality This would be useful to identify include correlative device, gas
harmonization, enlargement of further the needed action and leakages detectors, GC detectors,
Wobbe range, More LNG, H2 also to set up a strategy within the spectroscopic device/detector,
mixed in NG, Biogas, etc..) Gas Industry. etc...

Some sensors are already on the A secondary objective is to WORKSHOP PROGRAMME
market for some applications demonstrate that technologies AND OUTCOMES
some more are in development for solving the gas variation The workshop programme
phase. We are in a transient challenge do exist and that included:
situation where the involved sensors can play an important 1. Information about future gas
stakeholders do are not role in the gas harmonisation
necessarily aware of what is discussions. quality;
happening 2. Information by manufacturers
On one side we don’t all know SENSOR? on existing technologies &
well what are the products A gas sensor is a device that is developments;
(sensors) and technologies on the giving information about one or 3. Existing reviews of
market or in development. On the several characteristics of the gas technologies & comparisons;
other side the manufacturers of they are measuring. 4. On-going projects;
sensors are not necessarily aware
of the most recent discussion The context of the event
regarding harmonization of gas was presented at the outset
quality, injection of H2 etc…

The objective of the workshop
was therefore to:

• Inform shortly stakeholders
about the expected future gas

• Share knowledge about
existing technologies, and
projects in developments;

• Indicate to sensors
manufacturers where we have
need for sensors and what
specifications we need.
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