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Autumn 2014 European Energy Innovation


TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION transhipment (direct transfer from better able to cope with fast start-
IS KEY one vessel to another). These up and ramp rates. In addition, a
An important dimension for services introduce even more new technology of power to gas
securing energy supply, in the flexibility in the LNG market. LNG would permit excess energy from
short as well as long term, lies services are also expanding to renewables to be turned into
in technological innovation and retail LNG or small-scale LNG, for hydrogen or synthetic gas. Such
the development of innovative road and maritime transportation technological advances will help
market-based products. and for delivery of gas to off- to integrate operational aspects
grid customers (industrials, of gas and electricity supply.
Exploitation of unconventional power plants, local distributors).
gas resources has improved Rail loading, although not yet Gas has the lowest emissions
supply prospects worldwide. In available in Europe, is also a of CO2 compared with other
Europe, although assessment future option for the retail LNG fossil fuels. Nevertheless, carbon
of whether unconventional market delivering small quantities capture and storage, although
gas meets the required high of LNG in rail tanks. currently hampered by high costs
environmental standards is and lack of demonstration, is still
in its early stages, production Other exciting developments in an option on the way to zero or
could help to balance declining the chain include the introduction nearly zero emissions and will
conventional resources. of biomethane from waste and enable keeping a broad and
farm products, which can be competitive range of choices.
Although current utilisation rates injected into the gas supply system.
of liquefied natural gas (LNG) Furthermore, biogas is identified In the household and commercial
terminals in Europe are low, as an excellent alternative to oil sectors a changing appliance park,
largely because of the appetite for products in transport. This not only bringing more efficient use of gas
gas on the global market, there is introduces a renewable component potentially in combination also with
confidence in its future importance into the gas mix, but means that renewables will reduce demand per
and new terminals are planned demand for conventional fuels will capita. Technological development,
or under construction, including be reduced. coupled with the growing appetites
floating terminals. Operators are for customers to engage more in
also developing new services and Gas is also a perfect partner for the market and choose innovative
products, adapting their offer to other renewables. Notably gas- products and services to meet their
market developments and new fired power stations can provide needs, should also contribute to a
market needs. back-up for intermittent wind greater integration of the gas and
and solar power, and the design electricity markets in a way that
This pallet of services includes of the combined-cycle gas- delivers a more sustainable and
reloading (transfer from the turbine technology has improved consequently more secure energy
terminal’s tanks into a vessel) and significantly so that a plant is system. l
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