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36  Winter 2016 European Energy Innovation


                                                                                        •	 To propose disruptive alternative
                                                                                            materials and device structures to
                                                                                            reduce or eliminate the degradation
                                                                                            paths and to fabricate of next-
                                                                                            generation organic and perovskite
                                                                                            solar cells with enhanced lifetime.

                                                 Glass based Perovskite Solar           IMPACT
                                             Cell demonstrator by Dyesol ( a            The expected impact of the
                                                                                        StableNextSol project is to increase
                                                        StableNextSol partner).         awareness of the many instability
                                                                                        issues of emerging photovoltaic
•	 To encourage the participation of         B) SCIENTIFIC/TECHNICAL                    technologies and the synergies across
    female researchers, which currently      OBJECTIVES                                 different technologies. This will enable
    stands at 38%.                           •	 To fabricate reproducible and           the development of highly stable solar
                                                                                        cells and modules. On the European
•	 To strengthen networking between              scalable solar cells and test          societal level, we expect to eliminate
    European and International                   structures.                            the last remaining barriers still
    research laboratories around                                                        observed for organic and perovskite
    the world in order to unify              •	 To create awareness of state-of-        solar cells technologies to reach the
    protocols and rise expertise in the          the-art technologies, degradation      marketplace.
    degradation and stability studies            protocols, standards and policies in
    of organic and perovskite solar              the PV sector.                         The outcome of the Action
    cells. Our next meeting (to be                                                      StableNextSol, which is the
    held in Lisbon, Portugal the 6-7 of      •	 To follow, to propose and to            development of stable devices and
    April, 2017,          modify internationally protocols       modules, will accelerate the access
    pt/index.html) will encompass an             for the degradation/stability          to secure and affordable energy for
    industrial day and a session on the          analysis of organic and perovskite     everyone to meet the needs of the
    best practices and characterization          solar cells. We are actively working   European society and the growing
    protocols, as well as standarization         on the preparation and                 world population.
    of perovskite solar cells where              publication of further journal
    experts from Europe, USA and                 articles and technical documents       While organic and perovskite solar
    Japan will discuss about these               related to the revision of the         cells are on the side of energy
    important issues.                            current standards and degradation      production, to make renewable
                                                 protocols for emerging solar           energies fully work for the benefit
•	 To encourage and benefit from                 cells, in some cases as a joint        of society, they have to be well
    the different European research              collaboration with international       integrated into the larger framework
    infrastructures available among              laboratories.                          of energy production, transport and
    members partners in order to                                                        consumption. The StableNextSol
    optimize the use of existing resources.  •	 To apply non-destructive and            project considers these emerging
                                                 destructive characterization           technologies part of this larger
  Contact details:                               techniques to study degradation        framework and policies, and promotes
  Prof. Monica Lira-Cantu                        and elucidate degradation              energy literacy, fact-based policies and
  Project Coordiantor                            mechanisms of OPVs and PSCs.           standards, supported by robust and
  Catalán Institute of Nanoscience                                                      objective data. l
  and Nanotechnology (ICN2)                  •	 To determine of reliable
  Email:                    acceleration factors that allow for a    “COST (European Cooperation in
  Web:                              fast evaluation of device behaviour      Science and Technology) is a funding
  Project Web:              under real life conditions and allow     agency for research and innovation
                                                 the extrapolation of a guaranteed        networks. Our Actions help connect
                                                 lifetime.                                research initiatives across Europe
                                                                                          and enable scientists to grow their
                                                                                          ideas by sharing them with their
                                                                                          peers. This boosts their research,
                                                                                          career and innovation.”

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